HAWRR Chapter 367 (unedited)

Overbearing Female CEO vs Civilian Small White Flower (18)

Xia Wanjun’s mouth moved: “I can agree to your request, but…”

Shao Shengxiong felt severe pain on the arm holding the gun. His arm became numb and the gun in his hand fell to the ground.

At the same time, he heard a familiar voice: “He agreed, but I did not.” 

Shao Shengxiong looked at Gu Shengyin, who was standing in front of him bright and energetically, with disbelief: “How is this possible? You’re obviously…” (邵胜雄难以置信的看着神清气爽站在他面前的顾盛因:“怎么可能,你明明……”)

“Obviously injected with the drug and should be an unconscious person laying in bed?” Gu Shengyin continued his words. (“明明被注射了药剂应该躺在床上人事不知的是么?”顾盛因接下了他的话)

“Unfortunately, who knows where your subordinates bought this fake, inferior product.” Gu Shengyin’s spoken words made Shao Shengxiong want to spit out blood.

The gun on the ground had already been collected by Xia Wanjun’s subordinates; Gu Shengyin knew that there was no business left for her. (地上的枪早就被夏万钧的下属收了下去,顾盛因心知后面就没她什么事情了)

Regardless of Shao Shengxiong sitting paralyzed on the ground scared out of his wits, she walked towards the man at the door.

Xia Wanjun watched her walk, not too fast but not too slow, to his side and then….she collapsed.

He promptly held the woman at his side, and a rare impatient tone appeared as he said to the people by his side: “Handle the things here.” 

Afterwards, he carried Gu Shengyin in his arms and hurriedly left.

When Gu Shengyin opened her eyes again, the first thing she saw was the man sitting by the window. (顾盛因再一次睁开眼睛的时候,第一眼就看到了坐在窗户边上的男人)

Xia Wanjun noticed that she had woken up, stood up, and walked over: “Are you feeling any discomfort?”

He had returned while carrying Gu Shengyin and informed the family doctor. As a result, she was only injected with a drug that causes one to lose conscious, which was not serious. (他抱着顾盛因回来就通知了家庭医生,得到的结果是被注射了令人昏迷的药剂,并没有大碍)

But he still did not feel relieved and had to ask her to get an answer. Please read this at jiamin translation dot com.

Gu Shengyin shook her head and got up by herself. There was still some physical weakness, but it was not a big issue. (顾盛因摇摇头,自顾自的起身,身体上还有些无力,不过没有什么大问题)

“Where are you going?” Xia Wanjun saw Gu Shengyin wearing her shoes and asked.

Gu Shengyin looked at him subtly: “Naturally going home.”

She thought for a moment and said, “This time, I will not express my thanks to Siye; after all, this unexpected disaster was brought to me by Siye.” (她想了想,说道:“这一次,我就不和四爷道谢了,毕竟,这一场无妄之灾,还是四爷带给我的。”)

Xia Wanjun looked at that appearance of hers, like a child who was in a hurry to throw off their parents, and suddenly sneered: “Unexpected disaster?” (夏万钧看着她那副迫不及待要和自己撇亲的模样,突然冷笑起来:“无妄之灾?”)

He suddenly stood up and approached Gu Shengyin step by step until both of them could hear each other’s breath. (他豁然起身,一步一步的逼近顾盛因,直到两人之间呼吸可闻)

“Nowadays, all of the people of A City think that our relationship is not simple. What is the use of you leaving so anxiously like this?”

Gu Shengyin’s face had a thin layer of blush. That was naturally due to anger: “If Siye had the heart to clarify, it’s merely just a matter of a sentence.”

Xia Wanjun looked at her face very closely and suddenly laughed: “Why should I clarify?” 

Gu Shengyin took a step back and looked at him coldly: “So Siye, playing with me and everyone, is it very fun?” 

Her words paused before continuing, “Perhaps, I, Long Tianruo, had offended Siye somewhere. Don’t hesitate to speak, Siye. Do not use this kind of soft knife to deal with people.”

If it was the real Long Tianruo encountering this kind of thing, she would really be innocent. Being Xia jia‘s Siye‘s woman was not easy. Xia Wanjun was born with countless enemies. She, a woman, was doomed to overt and covert attacks that could not be guarded against.

Xia Wanjun looked at the woman’s indifferent face and his expression suddenly became serious: “Then, if I am serious?”

Gu Shengyin looked at him with a bewildered expression.

Xia Wanjun repeated: “If me wanting to make you to be my woman is serious?” (夏万钧又重复了一遍:“如果,我想让你成为我的女人,是认真的呢)

JMin’s Corner: Hi guys. Unfortunately, I have bad news for you. The next chapter will be the last chapter that I will be posting. Ari will be continuing the novel translation on her free time.

The reason for this is because translating after coming back from work has been too tiring for me to the point where it doesn’t feel like it is worth it anymore. I don’t even know how other translators managed to keep translating while having a job. >_<

Another reason that contributed to this decision was my lack of interest in translation.

It has been a little over two years since I started translating. I didn’t manage to get far but I enjoyed the process and was happy to share the novel with everyone. Of course, if I have free time and I’m feeling up for it, I will help Ari do some translations. 😉

Ari’s Corner:

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  1. That is really a sad new but well, thank you so much for your hard work. It’s a pity that you lost interest in translating but I hope you’ll find the rest you deserve and take care of yourself properly. Thanks for the chapter, I will miss you 🤗 Take care ☕

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  2. Thank you for you hard work so far. If it’s too hard for you then it can’t be helped. But I just have this tiny winy wish that you’ll finish this arc at least. I really liked your translation. And I also hope someone will pick up this novel for regular translations soon. Thanks Ari for not dropping this novel.

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  4. JMin, thank you for your hard work all this time. You’ve shared a lot with us and while I regret your decision I’m glad you’re doing what’s best for you right now.

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