HAWRR Chapter 366 (unedited)

Overbearing Female CEO vs Civilian Small White Flower (17)

“Host, I’m here.” The system’s voice was transmitted over.

“Where am I right now?”

System replied: “Host is suspected to have been abducted.”

Gu Shengyin moved and found that, in addition to her body being limp and powerless, there was no other feeling. In that case, the shot from before was estimated to be anesthesia. (顾盛因动了动,发现除了浑身酸软无力,并没有其他的感觉。那么先前中的那一枪,估计是麻醉药剂)

“Help me check the vicinity’s terrain and inform me how many people are guarding outside.”

The system gave the answer very quickly: “Host’s location is in the territory of A City’s Shao jia. Host is located in an independent manor; there are more than thirty young men. Among them, twenty men are holding guns…” (系统很快就给出了答案:“宿主所在地,是A市邵家的地盘,宿主所在的这栋独立庄园,有壮年人类男子三十余人,其中,持枪者,二十人…)

Gu Shengyin: ….

Shao jia was also a black household and one of the powerful forces, but Shao jia and Long shi‘s water usually did not cross. This time, what was their motive for their actions? (邵家也是黑.道势力之一,只是邵家和龙氏素来进水不犯河水,这一次,对自己动手的动机是什么?)

Gu Shengyin suddenly recalled that Shao jia and Xia jia had always been sworn enemies. Could it be the recent rumors? (顾盛因突然想了起来,邵家和夏家一直都是死对头,莫非是近来那个传言?)

This could only be the explanation. It seemed that Shao jia‘s people truly believed that her relationship with Xia Wanjun was not shallow; this was to hold her as their hostage. (也只有这样才能解释的通了,看来邵家的人真以为自己和夏万钧关系不浅,这是拿自己来当人质了。)

At this moment, someone pushed open the door. Gu Shengyin looked over; it was an old man about fifty years of age wearing a dark red Tang clothing.

Gu Shengyin recognized him: “Shao lao ye, I wonder what matter Shao lao ye has to be taking risks like this?” (顾盛因认得他:“邵老爷子,不知道邵老爷子来这么一桩,所谓何事?”)

Shao Shengxiong did not think Gu Shengyin could be this calm under these circumstances.

However, he did not answer Gu Shengyin’s question. Instead, he said a sentence: “Long jia‘s little girl is really a beauty. No wonder…”

He did not say the following words, but Gu Shengyin still understood. Sure enough, it was related to Xia Wanjun. (他接下来的话没有说出去,但是顾盛因却听懂了,果然,还是和夏万钧有关系。)

Shao Shengxiong waved his hand from behind and one of his subordinates walked over with a syringe in his hand. (邵胜雄朝着身后摆了摆手,一个手下走了过来,手中拿着一个针筒。)

Gu Shengyin’s face turned cold and looked straight at him: “What do you want to do?”

Shao Shengxiong smiled, his face amiable: “Miss Long does not need to panic. This is a drug that merely lets you calm down. Don’t worry, it’s not something that would make you addicted.”

As he spoke, the syringe in his hand had already slowly pierced Gu Shengyin’s arm. Please read this at jiamin translation dot com.

Gu Shengyin was once again unable to resist the invasion of darkness and fell into deep sleep. (顾盛因再一次抵挡不住黑暗的侵袭,沉沉的睡了过去)

The smile on Shao Shengxiong’s face disappeared without a trace. He commanded the subordinates at his side: “Go record a video and give it to Siye. Let him take a look at the situation his woman is in now.”

However, his subordinates did not reply to him.

Shao Shengxiong felt something amiss. Just when he wanted to turn around, he heard a voice that made his whole body jolt.

“No need. I have already arrived.”

Shao Shengxiong’s body was momentarily stiff. He turned his head and saw Xia Wanjun standing at the door.

His appearance was still the same: a formal black suit, no smell of smoke from head to toe, and even his hair was not messy. (他还是那个样子,一丝不苟的黑色西装,浑身上下没有半分烟火气息,连头发丝都没有乱一下)

Only Shao Shengxiong, himself, knew how tightly guarded the manor was and how much effort was needed to get in.

However, at this moment, all of this would only prove how terrifying this man, Xia Wanjun, was.

Shao Shengxiong suddenly pulled out a pistol. He pointed it at Gu Shengyin who was behind him, but his eyes were looking at Xia Wanjun: “As expected, Xia Siye‘s name is not in vain. Shao admires you a bit.”

Xia Wanjun’s expression remained unchanged: “What do you want?”

Shao Shengxiong laughed: “Xia Siye is really straightforward. My strength is not as good as someone’s; this I recognize. Siye only needs to open your highly respected mouth and promise to no longer find trouble for me. I will pack up my belongings to go abroad within a day and guarantee to no longer disturb Xia Siye in the future.” (邵胜雄笑了起来:“夏四爷果然爽快。我实力不如人,认栽。四爷只需开个金口,允诺不再找我麻烦,我会在一天之内收拾好东西出国,保证以后不再打扰夏四爷)

He was a person with self-awareness. He was fully aware that after this incident, being able to keep his life was already the best outcome.

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  1. If you have awareness and knew that this is how it’s gonna happen, then why the hell did you even kidnap her in the first place? Isn’t this just unnecessary?


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