HAWRR Chapter 365 (unedited)

Overbearing Female CEO vs Civilian Small White Flower (16)

Soon they arrived at Wang Zhenzhen’s place.

Gu Shengyin refused politely when Wang Zhenzhen invited her to go upstairs for a cup of tea saying that she still had work waiting to done and drove away.

System: “Host, you are awesome!”

Gu Shengyin smiled gently: “Wang Zhenzhen is such an innocent girl. If I am still uncertain, then I would’ve done so many tasks in vain.” (顾盛因轻轻一笑:“王珍珍这么天真的姑娘,我要是还搞不定,就枉费自己做了这么多任务了。”)

Just now when they were talking, Wang Zhenzhen basically gave up the idea of trying to find trouble with Xia Ziqing already. 

With Wang Zhenzhen not taking the initiative to find him and Xia Ziqing not having the slightest impression on Wang Zhenzhen, she did not believe that these two people could still get together.

Gu Shengyin returned straight home, but she didn’t expect to hear the system’s warning just as she stopped the car. (顾盛因径自回了家,可是没想到,她刚刚停下车,就听到了系统的警告声)

“Host, be careful. There are people here.”

There is someone? Gu Shengyin’s heart trembled. This was merely Long Tianruo’s private villa. At this time, it was impossible for an outsider to come over. What was more, even if an outsider came to pay a visit, it was also impossible to hide in the underground garage.

Gu Shengyin took out her cell phone; as expected, the signal was already blocked.

Remaining calm and collected, she opened the car door and didn’t delay getting off, fearing that those people outside would become suspicious.

The moment she got out of the car, her body suddenly turned around and dodged the knife coming from behind.

“Ah?” A surprised voice rang out from behind her, as if feeling flabbergasted by their miscalculation. (“咦?”一个惊讶的声音从她的身后响起,似乎对自己的失手感到诧异)

Gu Shengyin smiled coldly. It just so happened that she never had the chance to try her own skills since coming to this world.

This nimble yet cold woman shuttled between several burly chaps. Those several big men originally did not take it seriously, but their interest in Gu Shengyin was aroused. (身形灵巧动作却凌厉的女子穿梭在几个彪形大汉中间,那几个大汉原本没当回事,却被顾盛因给激起了兴趣)

“Ka!” Gu Shengyin’s face did not change as she dislocated a person’s shoulder.

That big man also had high tolerance, yet this pain unexpectedly made him unable to endure. (那大汉也是个厉害的,这样一番疼痛居然生生的忍了下来)

The few other people looked at each other, aware that their evaluation was wrong and underestimated this young girl’s strength. Please read this at jiamin translation dot com.

An alarm in Gu Shengyin’s heart suddenly rang. There was a sound of something breaking, and she seized the opportunity to drop to avoid the hit point. (顾盛因突然心中警铃一动,有破空声传来,她顺势倒地避开了要害)

However, it was still too late. There was a sting on her left calf and Gu Shengyin’s world suddenly became murky. 

A man came up to check on her: “Fainted, I didn’t expect she was actually this difficult to deal with.”

“Hurry up! We have to leave here.”

Xia Wanjun habitually turned on the video at night but did not see the familiar figure.

She still hadn’t returned this late at night?

Xia Wanjun’s brows wrinkled and his heart was not at ease. Does she not know how to cherish her own body?

As he senselessly skimmed through it, his eyes suddenly stared at a place; a storm quietly condensed in his eyes. (他无聊的开始往前翻,目光突然凝在了一处地方,眼中悄然凝聚起了风暴)

He could see clearly that Gu Shengyin had entered the garage an hour ago, but did not see her come out.

He immediately moved to turn on all the monitors throughout the whole day and called someone to come in. (他当下就调开了全天所有的监控,并打电话叫人进来)

Siye.” It was the big man who was previously by his side. (“四爷。”依旧是那个一直陪在他身边的大汉)

“Xia Lang1. Go investigate personally the current whereabouts of Long shi‘s Chairwoman, Long Tianruo.” Xia Wanjun’s voice was was very gentle, but Xia Lang’s expression became imcomparably serious.

He had followed Siye as his subordinate for more than ten years already. He could naturally hear the hidden rage under the tranquil tone.

Xia Wanjun’s eyes closely stared at the four men’s shadow infiltrating into Long jia‘s villa, his eyes penetrating as if ice. (夏万钧目光紧紧的盯着那四个潜入龙家别墅的影子,目光冷彻如冰)

When Gu Shengyin woke up, her whole body felt limp and powerless.

“System.” She habitually called the system that was always by her side.

JMin’s Corner: She has an underground garage?? *Gasps in horror & shock*

And yes, we have another nice, understanding FL in this world 🙂

Ari’s Corner:

1. Summer Wolf

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  1. I like this type of FL who are sensible..now our dear MC may not be making a move on her..😅

    Anyway… I got this feeling that the exbf is the one who did that to our MC but this just a guess 😅


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