HAWRR Chapter 364 (unedited)

Overbearing Female CEO vs Civilian Small White Flower (15)

The two people then stopped talking.

Gu Shengyin paused for a moment before saying: “I saw it. You should still properly receive that check. Don’t think about other things.” (顾盛因顿了一下,说道:“我看到了,那张支票你还是好好的收着,不要再去想其他的了)

Wang Zhenzhen’s eyes turned red as she listened and angrily stared at Gu Shengyin: “I didn’t expect you to be this kind of person. Is this the ideology of you rich people? You can solve anything with money? He owes me a sentence of an apology!” (王珍珍一听这话就气红了眼,她怒瞪着顾盛因:“没想到你也是这样的人,是不是你们有钱人的思想都是这样子的?干什么事情都能用钱解决?他欠我的是一句道歉!)

Gu Shengyin never expected to hear these kinds of words. She was criticized by Wang Zhenzhen like this, yet her face did not change nor did she get angry but calmly continued talking to her. (顾盛因一点也不意外听到这样一番话,她被王珍珍这样指责一没变脸二没动怒,只是心平气和的继续和她说)

“Let me think for a moment. He bumped into you, but what can you do? Report to the police? He did not injure you, yet compensated you with a large sum of money. Even in the police’s point of view, this matter is already settled. Single-handedly try to find that person to calculate the debt? Don’t say you can find him first. If you find him and he ignores you, what do you intend to do?” (让我想一想,他撞了你,你能怎么样?报警?人家没有撞伤你,还补偿了你一大笔钱,哪怕是在警方看来,也已经是两清了;单枪匹马去找人算账?先不说你能不能找到他,若是找到了,人家不理你,你打算怎么办?)

Feeling Gu Shengyin’s eyes, Wang Zhenzhen’s face turned red: “I…I will reason with him!”

Gu Shengyin laughed and smiled.

Long Tianruo’s personality was cold. When she was in the company, even Zhu Li only saw her smile a couple of times, let alone Wang Zhenzhen.

Her smile seriously resembled a gorgeous, luxurious Chinese peony, warm and blooming, bright and unique. (她这一笑,当真就像是一株极艳丽华贵的芍药热烈盛放,明艳不可方物)

Wang Zhenzhen stared blankly at her; the anger in her heart also dissipated a lot.

Gu Shengyin put away her smile and continued speaking: “Do you think someone like him would be reasonable with you?”

Wang Zhenzhen’s words were plugged. She was in a rage at that time. She was only feeling angry in her heart, wanting to take it out on someone, and did not think much about it. (王珍珍语塞。她当时怒气冲冲,只觉得心中怒火要找个人发泄,并没有想过这么多)

Gu Shengyin saw that it was good enough and added: “To tell you the truth, poeple like Xia Ziqing are not worth remembering in your heart. You are angry here; he completely does not remember you and is a happy-go-lucky person as before. So, why?” (顾盛因看差不多了,又加了一句:“说实话,夏子擎那样的人,不值得这么心心念念着,你在这里生气,他完全不记得你,照旧一个人快活潇洒,何必呢)

Wang Zhenzhen suddenly started talking: “Miss Long, do you know him?”

Gu Shengyin deemphasized her reply: “Yes, he was my ex-boyfriend.”

Wang Zhenzhen was speechless for a time. (王珍珍一时哑口无言)

Gu Shengyin looked at her expression and said: “What? Do you think people like me don’t need a boyfriend?”

Wang Zhenzhen shook her head immediately, her face turning somewhat red. Please read this at jiamin translation dot com.

Speaking truthfully, she really did not think of the Chairwoman’s appearance when dating. In her heart, and the hearts of all Long shi employees, Long Tianruo was omnipotent. A person like this, what kind of man could deserve her?

At least, the one called Xia Ziqing was not worthy at a glance.

“That’s right. I also don’t think he is worthy of me.” Gu Shengyin expressed her feelings in this way. (“没错,我也觉得他配不上我。”顾盛因一脸就是如此的表情。)

Wang Zhenzhen just discovered that she had actually said this out loud.

But what made her surprised, however, was Gu Shengyin’s words.

She had never seen a matter-of-fact, confident woman. (她从来没有见过这么自信的理所当然的女人)

Also, this woman was the chairwoman of a corporation. The wealth that ordinary people did not dare to think about in their lifetime was in her hands. She truly had this qualification. (也是,这个女人,是偌大一个集团的总裁,手中掌握着常人一辈子想都不敢想的财富,她确实有这个资格)

“Don’t think too much about it. Me saying that he does not deserve me has nothing to do with his conditions,” Gu Shengyin said.

Wang Zhenzhen looked at her with doubts. 

Gu Shengyin coldly smiled: “He had a girlfriend, and during that period, he was a man entangled ambiguously and unclearly with all sorts of different women. Even if his conditions are very good, he is also a slag, isn’t he?” (顾盛因冷冷一笑:“一个有女朋友,在恋爱期间,和各种不同的女人暧.昧纠.缠不清的男人,哪怕他条件再好,也是个渣,不是么?”)

In Wang Zhenzhen’s ears, her casual words were not inferior to bombs.

Chairwoman….acutally got two-timed by someone?

Such an outstanding woman unexpectedly could not hold onto her lover? (这样优秀的女人,竟然也不能守住自己的爱情?)

At this moment, Wang Zhenzhen had an unprecedentedly good impression towards Gu Shengyin in contrast to Xia Ziqing, that slag man who seduces women, and completely only had malice left. (王珍珍这会儿对顾盛因的观感空前的好,相反的,对那个勾三搭四的渣男夏子擎,就完全只剩下恶感了)

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