HAWRR Chapter 360 (unedited)

Overbearing Female CEO vs Civilian Small White Flower (11)

Xia Wanjun inexplicably felt a little thirsty.

He stared at the woman in the video as she closed her eyes to enjoy the aftertaste with a content expression after a mouthful of wine. His gaze was uncontrollably placed on her two rosy, plump lips. (他看着视频里那个抿了一口酒一脸满足的闭上眼睛回味的女人,目光不受控制的放在了那两片红润且饱.满的嘴唇上)

Those lips were moist with liquid and emitted a captivating allure under the lights, making people can’t help but want to reach out their hand to touch, or…..to have a taste. (那唇上沾了些水渍,在灯光下发射出一种诱.人的色泽,叫人禁不住想要伸手去触碰一下,或者……品尝一下其中的味道)

Gu Shengyin opened her eyes. Not knowing what she thought of, the corner of her lips revealed a smile and drank the rest of the wine in the glass. (顾盛因睁开眼睛,她不知道是想到了什么,唇角露出了一个笑容来,将杯中的残酒一饮而尽)

There was a drop of wine that flowed down from the corner of her mouth, passing along the graceful shape of her neck, streaking across her small delicate collarbone, and finally disappearing into that fragrant softness. (有一缕酒液顺着她的嘴角流了下来,路过形状优美的脖颈,划过精致小巧的锁骨,最终,隐没在了那片香腻之中)

Boom! Xia Wanjun felt that there was a fire burning in his body. He crossed his legs and changed his sitting position; his eyes were like an eagle, closely staring at the woman on the screen.

If someone was here, they would certainly be frightened by the excitement in his eyes—was this the Xia Siye who was indifferent towards everything?

If you looked a little more closely, you could discover the light of determination hidden deeply in his eyes. (若是再看清楚一点,便能发现他隐藏在眸光深处的那一抹势在必得)

Gu Shengyin reckoned that it was already good enough for today and no longer continued to stimulate him. She got up and walked towards her room.

Xia Wanjun closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He leaned against his chair quietly; nobody knew what he was thinking about.

He had also installed a surveillance camera in Gu Shengyin’s room, but this time, he did not watch her. He was afraid that he would be unable to bear it and drive directly to her home.

On this side, Xia Wanjun was tangled endlessly, still calming down his body’s heat slowly while Gu Shengyin was bathing quite happily. (夏万钧这边纠结不已,还是缓缓平复着身体的热度,顾盛因兀自一个人洗澡洗的正欢)

She was aware that Xia Wanjun was secretly watching her, and the appearance just now was what she was deliberately showing him. Since he dared to install surveillance cameras in her home, he should be prepared to eat bitterness from her provocations.

She was one hundred percent certain that Xia Wanjun could only solve the fire that she lit on his own.

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Gu Shengyin was busy with company affairs every day while paying attention to Wang Zhenzhen and occasionally teased Xia Wanjun. (顾盛因每天除了忙碌公司事务,就是关注一下王珍珍,偶尔玩性大发撩一撩夏万钧)

“Chairwoman, Xia shi‘s banquet invitation.” Zhu Li placed a scalding gold invitation on Gu Shengyin’s desk. (“总裁,夏氏的晚宴邀请。”朱莉将一张华丽的烫金请帖放在了顾盛因的桌子上)

Gu Shengyin’s eyes swept the invitation. It was the wedding banquet of the daughter of a certain Xia jia director. (顾盛因扫了一眼,是夏氏家族某位董事的女儿订婚宴)

Help me prepare an appropriate formal dress.” Gu Shengyin said indifferently. (“你帮我准备好礼服。”顾盛因淡淡的说道)

Zhu Li was a multi-capable assistant. Apart from work-related matters, she was also responsible of some things in Long Tianruo’s daily life. (朱莉是一个万能助理,除了工作上的事情,龙天若一些生活上的事情,也是由她全权负责)

Zhu Li did not have any mishaps in agreeing. Clearly, it was not her first time doing this. (朱莉没有丝毫意外的答应了,显然,她这样做也不是一次两次)

The original Long Tianruo was not someone who would spend too much thought on this kind of matter. Besides, Zhu Li’s aesthetics were also in line with Gu Shengyin’s requirements.

The day of the banquet arrived soon.

By the time Gu Shengyin’s car arrived at the hotel, the place was already densely packed with cars.

If there were any car lovers here, perhaps they would be excited for quite some time. Most of the cars here were luxury cars seldom seen on ordinary days.

The moment Gu Shengyin got off the car, she heard the incessant sound of a shutter.

Her face was expressionless as she was lead by the attendant. (她面色不改的在侍者的引领下超前走去)

At this time, the media keeping watch outside could only stay outside to take photos of the participants for tomorrow’s contents since most of them were not qualified to enter. (这时候守在外面的媒体,多半是没有得到入场资格的,只能守在外面拍几张参与人员照片当做明天的内容)

The media who truly had a background were invited inside in an orderly fashion. (真正有背景的媒体,都是正正经经被邀请进入内场的)

As a Young Master of the side branch of Xia jia, it was only natural that Xia Ziqing acted as the host to receive their precious guests. (夏子擎作为夏家的旁支少爷,这会儿当然是充当主人的角色在招待贵客)

When Long Tianruo entered, he looked over in her direction, as if he had sensed her. (龙天若进场的时候,他若有所觉,朝着那边看了过去)

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