HAWRR Chapter 358 (unedited)

Overbearing Female CEO vs Civilian Small White Flower (9)

She certainly felt happy that the talks for the cooperation went well and found her lover along the way. Gu Shengyin thought it was pretty good to open a bottle of red wine to celebrate this evening.

At this time, the system issued an alarm to Gu Shengyin: “The host’s car, the villa’s living room, bedroom, garden, and this office are found to all have video recording equipment.” (这时候,系统给顾盛因开出了警报:“宿主车上,别墅客厅卧室花园里,办公室内,都发现了录像设备)

Gu Shengyin: “…”

Wouldn’t that mean all of her public and private life was exposed to the eyes of others?

“Find the owner of these equipment immediately!” In the case that it was a rival corporation using it to eavesdrop on business secrets… (“马上查出这些设备的主人!”万一是对手集团用来窃听商业机密…)

Gu Shengyin shook her head, fearing that it was not that simple. If it was simply just wanting to steal business secrets, it was completely unnecessary to install surveillance cameras in her home. (顾盛因摇摇头,恐怕没那么简单。如果只是单纯的想要窃.听商业机密,完全没必要在她的家里也安上摄像头)

Moreover, the system previously did not discover any anomalies, indicating that these things were just installed recently. Being able to have such great capabilities…Gu Shengyin already had a faint conjecture in her mind. (而且,先前系统并没有发现异常,说明这些东西是刚刚才安上去的,能够有这么大能量的人……顾盛因心中已经隐隐有了猜想)

Sure enough, the system sounded: “…It’s Xia Wanjun.”

Gu Shengyin: ……Although I anticipated it in hearing this news, there was still a strange feeling. (顾盛因:……虽然有了预料然而听到这个消息的时候还是有些诡异的感觉)

Could it be that this world’s lover unexpectedly had an addiction to peeping? (莫非这个世界的恋人居然有着偷窥这种癖好?)

While Gu Shengyin let her imagination run wild, the system intimately continued to inform her: “Host, don’t worry. Xia Wanjun only installed these surveillance cameras in your room; he is only interested in your private life.”

Gu Shengyin: …….Damned pervert! (顾盛因:……死变态)

Damned. Pervert. Xia Wanjun was completely unaware that his tricks were already seen through by someone. (死·夏万钧·变.态完全不知道自己做的手脚已经被人看穿了)

His desire for control had always been very strong, and it was rare to meet someone who aroused his interest.  By the time he reacted, he had already given out those orders. (他的控制欲一向很强,难得遇到了一个让他感兴趣的人,等到他反应过来的时候,自己已经把那些命令给下达下去了)

This was truly……

Xia Wanjun held his forehead. He had never done anything with bad taste before. (夏万钧扶额,他是真的,从来没有干过这么没品的事情)

However, thinking of that beautiful aggressive woman, Xia Wanjun could not deny that he was looking forward to seeing her private life appearance. (可是想起那个美丽得极具攻击性的女人,夏万钧不可否认,他很期待看到她私底下的模样)

Gu Shengyin’s eyes turned and had an idea. Want to know my private life, right? I will let you have a taste of a painful consequence. (顾盛因眼珠一转,就有了主意,想知道我的私生活是吧,我就让你自己尝尝自己酿的苦果子)

But now, there was still a major event. That was Xia Ziqing being chased and be killed, and Wang Zhenzhen saving his life. (不过现在还有个大事,那就是夏子擎被追杀,王珍珍于他有了个救命之恩)

Gu Shengyin was working overtime as usual today. Please read this at jiamin translation dot com.

Xia Wanjun originally rose up at this time; after all, he also had many things to be busy with and would not always watch what the woman was doing every day. (夏万钧原本只是一时兴起,他毕竟也有许多事情要忙,并不会时时刻刻的去看一个号女人每天都做了什么)

But not knowing from which day it started, he gradually developed a habit. Every evening, he would be in a room taking a look at what Long Tianruo  had done. (只是不知道从哪一天起,他逐渐养成了一个习惯,每天晚上都会一个人在房间里看看龙天若都做了些什么事情)

The more he saw, the more he knew about her.

For example, this woman was hard on herself. He watched her work overtime everyday. She was obviously a chairwoman; outsiders only saw the incomparable scenery, but she worked more exhaustingly than most employees. (比如,这个女人实在是拼,他每天看着她加班,明明是总裁,外人看着无比风光,却比大部分的员工活的都累)

But…He was afraid that a woman like her would be unwilling to hide under the wings of others, even if there was someone who was willing to prop up the sky for her, right? (不过……她这样的女人,哪怕有人愿意给她撑起一片天空,她怕是也不愿意躲在别人的羽翼下吧?)

Originally an eagle soaring in the sky, how could he possibly be willing to obstruct a meticulously raised bird? (本是翱翔天空的鹰,又怎么可能愿意当一只被人精心饲养的鸟雀?)

He watched Gu Shengyin knead her temple, shut down the computer, pack up, and leave the office.

The screen suddenly became deserted.

Gu Shengyin did not drive directly home this time but went to a nearby shopping mall.

Wang Zhenzhen encountered the injured Xia Ziqing at the side of this shopping mall’s parking lot. (王珍珍遇到受伤的夏子擎,正是在这家商场的停车场边上)

Don’t talk about what Wang Zhenzhen was driving in the middle of the night to a parking lot to do. In any case, Gu Shengyin was fulfilling her wish to see Xia Ziqing lying on the ground, his condition unknown. (不说王珍珍一个没有车的人大晚上跑到停车场做什么,顾盛因反正是如愿见到了躺在地上人事不知的夏子擎)

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