HAWRR Chapter 357 (unedited)

Overbearing Female CEO vs Civilian Small White Flower (8)

Xia shi‘s public relations manager could only compensate her with a smile. (夏氏的公关经理只能赔笑)

He was also puzzled: They clearly agreed on the time. Chief Xia also said that he would personally preside over this discussion when the time comes. What was the matter now? (他心中也纳闷:明明说好了时间的,夏总也说过到时候会亲自主持这场会谈,现在是什么回事?)

That was when the door was pushed open.

The public relations manager looked towards the door with a look of surprise.

Who was this person? How come he didn’t know him?

Gu Shengyin also subconsciously raised her head and looked towards that direction.

This man…

Gu Shengyin stared blankly for a moment, truly handsome. (顾盛因怔愣了一下,长得真好看)

He was wearing a well-ironed suit; a single crease could not be seen. The corner of a neat and tidy handkerchief could be seen in his front chest pocket.

His skin color was extremely white, like very precious jade stones. His five features were handsome and beautiful to the point that they could be described as exquisite, but it was impossible for someone to mistaken his gender.

The man’s presence was so oppressive that the moment he practically entered the door, the entire conference room fell silent. (这个男人的气场太过强大,几乎在他进门的那一刻,整个会议室都失了声)

Gu Shengyin let out a breath of relief without revealing a trace. She gracefully stood up and said towards the other person: “I wonder who this person is?” (顾盛因不露痕迹的舒了口气,她优雅的站起身,朝着对方开口道:“不知这位是?”)

On this side, she already called the system in her mind: “System, this man is not Xia shi‘s Chairman. Who is he?”

The system quickly gave the answer: “Xia jia‘s master, Xia Siye, Xia Wanjun.” (系统很快给出了答案:“夏家家主,夏四爷,夏万钧)

Gu Shengyin was amazed incessantly. This person, Xia jia‘s Siye, was a background board-like existence in the original story line. He nearly never appeared before and only existed as a legend. (顾盛因惊讶不已,这个人称四爷的夏家当家人,在原剧情里面,就是一个背景板一样的存在。他几乎从来,没有出场过,只存在于传说中)

Xia Wanjun did not speak. Gu Shengyin recognized the person by his side, Xia shi‘s Vice-President. (夏万钧没有说话,他身边站着的人顾盛因认识,是夏氏的一位副总裁)

The smiling and amiable Vice-President gave Gu Shengyin an introduction: “This person is our Xia shi Corporation’s major director, Xia Wanjun, Director Xia. The Chairman happened to have a matter to attend to this time. Due to this, Director Xia will be responsible for this time’s cooperation with Long shi.” (那位笑的一脸和气的副总裁对着顾盛因介绍道:“这位是我们夏氏集团的一位大董事,夏万钧,夏董事。这一次总裁临时有事,就由夏董事负责这一次和龙氏的合作)

Gu Shengyin was bewildered in her heart, not knowing what plan this person had this time. Please read this at jiamin translation dot com.

She gave a shallow smile and held out her right hand: “Director Xia, nice to meet you.”

Xia Wanjun also held out his hand; the two hands were held together.

Gu Shengyin found that this person’s hand not only looked like jade, it even felt slightly cold. (顾盛因发现,这个人的手不止是看起来像是玉石做的,就连触感也是微凉)

While watching this scene from the side, the Vice-President’s eyes nearly popped out: Siye, doesn’t he have mysophobia? Did he just shake hands like that? When did Siye become so sophisticated? 

Xia Wanjun faintly shot a glance at this blockhead, and the Vice-President immediately resumed to his former amiable appearance.

This touch felt pretty good, Xia Wanjun digested it for a moment before coming to a conclusion. (触感不错,夏万钧感受了一下,心中下了结论)

Gu Shengyin determinedly composed herself. Regardless of what Xia Siye‘s purpose was, she would just do her job well. (顾盛因定了定神,不管夏四爷的目的是什么,她只要做好自己该做的事情就好)

Both sides communicated very pleassantly.

Although Xia Siye spoke few words, his sentences were straight to the point and his understanding of this project was no less than Gu Shengyin.

On the other side, he was also very satisfied with Gu Shengyin. This woman’s conduct was very straightforward and flexible, without wading in the mud and water1 nor trying in vain to send someone to him in a chance encounter. (而他对顾盛因也很满意,这个女人,行事风格干脆利落,毫不拖泥带水,也不枉费他特意将人给调走亲自走这么一遭)

He thought to himself: This woman right to break up with that good-for-nothing distant nephew of his. Xia Ziqing, that boy, is truly not worthy of her.

He called the other person a boy, yet he completely forgot that he was only a few years older.

“…In that case, I wish for our cooperation this time to be pleasant.” Gu Shengyin stood up and once again held out her right hand.

“Happy cooperation.” Xia Wanjun showed his first smile today.

Gu Shengyin departed from Xia shi in a very good mood.

JMin’s Corner: I made a mistake in the previous chapter and already fixed it. That subordinate guy at the end of the previous chapter is not named Da Han. It should’ve been directly translated at it is: big man.

Ari’s Corner:

1. dragging things out or delaying

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