HAWRR Chapter 356 (unedited)

Overbearing Female CEO vs Civilian Small White Flower (7)

Gu Shengyin was very busy these past few days.

Every day, she felt that it was truly not easy being a CEO, even more so as the days went on. (她每天都比前一天更加觉得,当一个总裁实在是不容易)

Long Tianruo practically worked overtime every day. Getting off work on time, like last time, was absolutely unusual.

Fortunately, her professional skills were very strong and she had the system, an unrivaled outside existence. Contrary to what one might expect, it was unlikely for a slip-up to occur. (好在她专业技能强,又有系统这个无敌外挂存在,倒是不至于出现什么纰漏)

“I’m very sorry. You are fired.” A solemn human resource manager notified Wang Zhenzhen.

Wang Zhenzhen’s face became pale. She had a weak disposition; this time, she mustered up her courage to ask why.

The answer she got was icily cold: “Your evaluation every time is always at the bottom. I believe you, this kind of employee, is unsuitable at our company.”

Wang Zhenzhen soullessly packed up her stuff and went back home.

After Gu Shengyin found out that Wang Zhenzhen had left the company, she didn’t have much to say. By the time the matter at hand was hurriedly completed, she contacted the system and said, “Pay attention to Xia Ziqing’s recent trends. Report to me if he encounters a situation at any time.” (顾盛因得知王珍珍离开公司之后没有多说什么,等到手头上的事情忙完了,她才对着系统说:“关注夏子擎最近的动向,遇到情况随时跟我汇报)

This life-saving grace, she would absolutely never let Wang Zhenzhen bear it. (这个救命之恩,她是绝对不会让王珍珍承担的)

“Chairwoman, here is a cooperation proposal with Xia shi…” Zhu Li walked in with a thick folder.

Gu Shengyin tiredly pinched between her brows before taking a look at it.

Zhu Li looked at her Chairwoman whose face appeared fatigued. She couldn’t help feeling distressed, wishing she could personally take her place to massage her. (朱莉看着自家总裁面露倦色,心中心疼的不行,恨不得亲身上阵,去替她按摩一番)

She exerted all her strength to blink, pulling back her train of thoughts that had flown to the horizon, and asked seriously: “Chairwoman, for the talks this time, who are you going to assign it to?” (她使劲眨眨眼,将飞到天际的思绪拉回来,语气严肃的问道:“总裁,这一次的洽谈,您打算指派谁过去)

Gu Shengyin looked at it for a while. This is the first time that the two family corporations carried out a major cooperation, and they absolutely must not be idle in this regard. (顾盛因看了一会儿,这是两家集团第一次进行如此重要的合作,绝对不能等闲视之)

“I will personally go this time and naturally let Xia shi see our sincerity.” 

Zhu Li nodded: “I will communicate with Xia shi.” Please read this at jiamin translation dot com.

After Zhu Li left, Gu Shengyin breathed a sigh of relief and leaned her head against the back of the chair, her entire body relaxing.

It was not that she needed to display a strong front. In every world, since she assumes the the identity of the protagonist, she would need to shoulder the responsibility. Now that she was Long Tianruo, she would let Long shi Corporation become even more strong in her hands. (不是她要逞强,每个世界里面,她既然承担了主角的身份,就要将她的责任一并担过来。如今她就是龙天若,那么她就要让龙氏集团,在她的手上变得更加的强大)

After making an appointment with Xia shi several days later, Gu Shengyin picked up the information and carefully read them.

In the eyes of some people in A City, such as Long Tianruo and the people in their circle, Xia shi Corporation was absolutely an existence that should not be provoked.

Their family rose as an undergound business, and now they conformed to this era’s trend, already whitewashed on the surface. However, people with a little brain knew that Xia shi was not truly a simple business corporation. Their truly terrifying aspect was their invisible area. (他们以地下生意起家,如今顺应时代潮流明面上已经洗白,然而,有点脑子的人都知道,夏氏不可能真的是一个单纯的商业集团,他们真正的可怕之处,还是在看不见的地方)

There had been some people with no eyes who wanted to challenge Xia shi. In the end, everyone with eyes could see it—At least, Long Tianruo had not seen those people’s figures at any business gatherings. (曾经有过一些不长眼的想要挑战夏氏,下场所有人有目共睹——至少龙天若,再也没有在任何商业聚会上看到过那些人的身影)

Xia shi corporate headquarters and Long shi was not far away. It was inside A City’s most flourishing business circle. Long Tianruo had arrived early at Xia shi‘s corporate headquarters. (夏氏的集团总部和龙氏离得并不远,同在A市最繁华的商业圈内,龙天若早早的就来到了夏氏的集团总部)

Long shi‘s chairwoman had arrived; this also indicated their value towards this time’s cooperation. Xia shi equally used their highest standards to meet them. (龙氏总裁亲至,这也是表明了他们对这一次合作的重视,夏氏同样的以最高规格迎接)

Inside the conference room.

When Long Tianruo sat down, she discovered that there was no one sitting in the main seat.

She raised an eyebrow, What is their meaning?

She looked at the public relations manager sitting across from her and said indifferently: “The person in charge of your company is truly a person of high rank, so busy with affairs.” (她看着对面夏氏的公关经理,淡淡的说道:“贵公司的负责人真是贵人事忙)

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