HAWRR Chapter 355 (unedited)

Overbearing Female CEO vs Civilian Small White Flower (6)

Gu Shengyin did not want to care about this kind of man and pulled Zhu Xiaoxiao’s hand: “Xiaoxiao, it is not worth it to get angry at this kind of man. Let’s go.”

But when she passed by Xia Ziqing, the other person grabbed her arm.

“Tianruo,” Xia Ziqing looked sincerely at her, “I truly like you and want to spend a lifetime with you.”

Gu Shengyin shook her arm free. “I’m very sorry, Xia Ziqing. I have no thoughts of spending a lifetime with you. I will say it again; we already broke up. If you entangle with me again, you’d better look out for me being impolite towards you!” (顾盛因甩开她的手:“很抱歉,夏子擎,我没有要和你共度一生的想法。我再说一次,我们已经分手了,你若是再纠.缠我,当心我对你不客气!)

Her eyes suddenly looked towards a certain area and her tone became considerably taunting: “Xia Ziqing, look behind you. Someone’s piercing limpid autumn waters1 is waiting for you to turn your head around.” (她目光突然看向某个地方,语调变得相当嘲讽:“夏子擎,你看看自己的身后,可是有人望穿秋水等着你回头呢)

At the corner of a corridor stood a woman with delicate makeup. Gu Shengyin did not know her. Presumably, she was Xia Ziqing’s new lover. This person had meaningful eyes, but cleverly stood in the back not speaking. (走廊的一个拐角处,站着一个妆容精致的女人。顾盛因不认识她,想必又是夏子擎的某个新欢。这人是个有眼色的,只乖巧的站在后面不说话)

Gu Shengyin thought her words had already been very clear. This man should have understood that meaningful glance, but she didn’t expect to be blocked by the man again when she took two steps. (顾盛因以为自己话已经说的这么清楚,这个男人应该懂点眼色。没想到她抬步往前走的时候,再一次的被男人拦了下来)

This time, she did not speak nonsense with him. She reached out, bent her legs, and after nimbly seizing the man, she ruthlessly threw him onto the ground. (这一次顾盛因没有和他废话,伸手,曲腿,一个利落擒拿之后,将人狠狠的甩在了地上)

“Cough cough…” Xia Ziqing was half-kneeling on the ground in a sorry state, looking at Gu Shengyin with eyes completely filled with disbelief.

Gu Shengyin raised an eyebrow, looking down at him from above: “I said it before; if you entangle with me again, don’t blame me for being rude.”

Finally, no one stopped her this time. Gu Shengyin brought Zhu Xiaoxiao to leave without turning back. (这一次总算没有人再阻拦,顾盛因带着朱筱筱头也不回的离开)

“Ziqing…” The woman who was hiding in the back cautiously came forward and was about to help to Xia Ziqing.

“Get lost!” Xia Ziqing ferociously shook her off with disgust.

Gu Shengyin brought Zhu Xiaoxiao back home. As Long Tianruo’s number one sister fan, Zhu Xiaoxiao was a long-term resident in Long Tianruo’s villa. 

What they didn’t know was that the scene of Gu Shengyin and Xia Ziqing confronting each other at the corridor was seen by someone. (她们都不知道的是,龙天若和夏子擎在走廊对峙的那一幕,被人一分不差的看在了眼里)

It was an extremely simply decorated room with a huge screen displaying an image, which was exactly the scene in the corridor.

The back of a pitch-black chair was facing the door. Please read this at jiamin translation dot com.

Siye2, this woman beat Young Master Qing. Do we need to…” A large man with a height of nearly two meters, bowed from his waist. His appearance was entirely cruel and untamed, and one could see that he was not ordinary; however, his manner of speaking was extremely respectful towards the person sitting on the chair at this time. (四爷,这个女人打了擎少爷,我们要不要……”一个身高接近两米的壮汉弯着腰,他的眉眼十分桀骜,看的出来平日里也是个说一不二的人物,此时却语气极为恭敬的对着正坐在椅子上的人询问道)

A hand was held up stopping his words.

This was an extremely beautiful hand: joints were slender and distinct, color was like white jade, and an elegant outline. An emerald ring worn on the forefinger stood out; that pool of green on the finger contrasted even further against the white skin. (这是一只极美的手,骨节修长分明,色泽如同白玉一般,轮廓优美。食指上戴着一枚祖母绿扳指,那汪绿色将手指衬得愈加白皙)

“Being made into such a sorry state by a woman and still have the idea of letting their family elder to intervene?” This man’s voice was somewhat deep and husky. His indifferent tone was wholly seductive, making people wish that they could turn the chair around and take a look to see what the person hidden behind the chair looked like. (这人的声音有些低哑,漫不经心的语调却十分勾人,叫人恨不得转过身去看看隐藏在椅背后的人究竟长什么样子)

But obviously, the only other person in the room, that big man, did not have the courage. After that man finished speaking, he bowed and withdrew very quietly.

“Long Tianruo?” After an unknown amount of time, that deep voice once again sounded.

“Contrary to what one might expect, pretty good skills.” He only said one sentence before the entire room fell quiet again.

Gu Shengyin was unaware that her existence was already placed in someone’s eyes. (顾盛因不知道,她已经被某个了不得的存在放在了眼中)

JMin’s Corner: Just experienced some magnificent thunderstorms early morning here in the Bay Area of CA! We got some rain despite the hot, dry weather the past week, and unfortunately, the thunderstorm that was accompanied with the small showers sparked many wildfires ;(

What is the weather like in your place?

Ari’s Corner:

1. traditional description of a beautiful girl’s eyes

2. Siye means Fourth Master

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