HAWRR Chapter 354 (unedited)

Overbearing Female CEO vs Civilian Small White Flower (5)

She lifted her wine glass and raised it towards Lin Xiao, drinking it all.

The atmosphere in the room warmed up. Everyone began to laugh and talk, as if what had happened earlier was an illusion.

Long Tianruo had a cold temper. Besides playing a few times, she was unwilling to respond to others. However, her beautiful appearance was irresistible. She not caring about other people would naturally lead to them coming to her. (可是耐不住她长相艳,她不搭理别人,自然有人来搭理她)

Gu Shengyin patiently sat there for an hour and seeing that it was good enough, she got up and said goodbye to Lin Xiao.

Lin Xiao also knew that coming here was already giving him enormous face. He didn’t say much but simply said that he would send her out.

Gu Shengyin refused his good intentions of sending her out. Contrarily, Zhu Xiaoxiao laughed, “hee hee,” and followed her.

“Why are you following me? Wait for your brother to call and ask.” Gu Shengyin helplessly looked at her. (顾盛因有些无奈的看着她)

Zhu Xiaoxiao pouted her lips: “I don’t like being with them. Who knows who those several people that Lin ge got acquainted while abroad. Each and every one of them don’t show knowledge, but even if they do, they still love to pretend. Looking at it, I am truly tired…” (朱筱筱嘟起嘴巴:“我才不喜欢和他们一起,林子哥也不知道这一次出去都认识了些什么人,一个个的,没见识透了,这也就算了,偏偏还爱装,看得我真是腻味…)

Gu Shengyin listened to her talk endlessly without getting to the point and her lips unconsciously turned into a smile. (顾盛因听着她在那里絮絮叨叨的说,唇边不自觉的带上了一抹笑容)

“Tianruo!” A pleasantly surprised voice suddenly came from behind. Please read this at jiamin translation dot com.

Zhu Xiaoxiao closed her mouth; the smile on Gu Shengyin’s lips disappeared in a flash without a trace.

The man behind quickly approached, making Gu Shengyin become depressed. This man was also wearing a similar knee-lengthed windbreaker today. Those who were unaware would be under the impression that the two were wearing couple’s clothing. (身后的男人很快的追了上来,让顾盛因郁闷的是,这个男人,今天也穿了一件过膝的大风衣,款式也自己身上穿的差不多,不知道的,还以为两人穿的是情侣装)

This man was Long Tianruo’s ex-boyfriend, Xia Ziqing, the one who made Wang Zhenzhen love him to death. (这个男人,就是龙天若的前男友,那个让王珍珍爱得死去活来的夏子擎)

Being able to be seen by Long Tianruo and making Wang Zhenzhen crazy to obtain his whole heart and had only him in her eyes, Xia Ziqing indeed had enough capital. (能被龙天若看上,能将王珍珍迷得满心满眼只剩下他一个,夏子擎确实有着足够的资本)

He was very handsome, the textbook type of handsome. His five exquisite features were striking, infectious smile was clear and bright, figure was tall and straight, and on top of that, there were enough conditions as a package. (他长得很帅,是那种教科书式的帅气,五官英挺,笑容爽朗有感染力,身材高大挺拔,加上有足够的条件对自己加以包装)

This kind of man had an immense attractive force towards every woman. (这样的男人,对每个女人都具有强烈的吸引力)

“I saw a figure that looked like you from a distance and rushed over. Tianruo, it’s really you! Long time no see.” Xia Ziqing gazed at Gu Shengyin, not covering up the sincere emotions in his eyes.

Gu Shengyin frowned: “Xia Ziqing, is there something?”

Her cold reaction made the light in Xia Ziqing’s eyes dim. He lowered his eyes and gazed at Gu Shengyin, speaking in a downcast tone: “Tianruo, I missed you very much.”

Gu Shengyin had not spoken yet, but Zhu Xiaoxiao by her side spoke without discrepancy: “Xia Ziqing, how do you have the face to say those words? When I was with Tianruo jie at that time, who was that man surrounded by orioles and swallows? Who was the man who was photographed in an unclear entanglement with another woman? Who were those women who actually tried to stop by not three, not four times with provocation? You are truly…” (顾盛因还没开口说话,身边的朱筱筱就一脸不爽的开口了:“夏子擎,你怎么还有脸说出这样的话?当初和天若姐在一起的时候,身边莺莺燕燕环绕的男人是谁?被拍到和别的女人纠缠不清的男人是谁?那些不三不四居然找上门来的女人又是谁招惹的?你真的是…)

Although her temper was rude, her upbringing was very good, scolding without any lethal words.

Even if this was not sufficient, it was also enough for Xia Ziqing’s face to become pale. (不够就算是这样,也足够夏子擎面色苍白下去)

Upon seeing that, Zhu Xiaoxiao’s anger in her heart dissolved. She had always disliked Xia Ziqing. At the time when Long Tianruo decided to date Xia Ziqing, she did not like Xia Ziqing’s reputation of an outstanding gong zi. Moreover, in regards to the man snatching her most adored Tianruo jie, Zhu Xiaoxiao absolutely did not have half a trace of a good impression. (朱筱筱看着心中解气的很,她一直都不喜欢夏子擎。当初龙天若决定和夏子擎交往的时候,她就不喜欢夏子擎风流公子的名声,而且,对于抢了自己最崇拜的天若姐的男人,朱筱筱绝对没有半丝好感)

Lastly, knowing that when Xia Ziqing and Long Tianruo were still dating, yet obscurely playing with other women secretly, Zhu Xiaoxiao abhorred this person even more. (最后,知道夏子擎和龙天若交往的时候还和别人的女人玩暧.昧,朱筱筱更是对这人深恶痛绝)

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