HAWRR Chapter 353 (unedited)

Overbearing Female CEO vs Civilian Small White Flower (4)

The knee-lengthed long-sleeved windbreaker perfectly presented her slender figure, along with the white blouse underneath, tight leather pants, and the English-branded Martin boots. (长及膝盖的长袖风衣,将她修长的身形完美的呈现出来,打底白色衬衫,下身紧身皮裤,脚踩英伦马丁靴)

In contrast to the past, her meticulous silky long hair was scattered over her shoulders, adding on a woman’s soft beauty. (往日里盘的一丝不苟的长发被披散下来,为她添上了一股女人特有的柔美)

Absolutely, the appearance of her body was still one word: handsome! (非要形容她这一身,依旧是只有一个字:帅)

Zhu Xiaoxiao had already at an earlier time “ka cha, ka cha”, taking photos of her from various angles.

At this moment, Gu Shengyin gently frowned.

The cause was not her. Inside this room, there were a lot of people who came to this gathering today. Among them, there were several who the original host were not very familiar with. This was not point. The key point was that sitting inside were still several xiao jies accompanying them with wine. (原因无他,这包厢里面,今日聚会来了不少人,其中有好几个原身不认识的,这也罢了,关键是里边还坐了几个陪酒的小姐)

Whether it was Long Tianruo or Gu Shengyin, both did not like this kind of thing.

Zhu Xiaoxiao saw at a glance that she was not in a good mood and quietly moved close to her ear to say: “It was said that Lin ge got acquainted with those several people abroad and brought them over to play.”

Gu Shengyin’s lips slightly hooked upward, indifferently smiling: “I know. Don’t worry, I won’t take offense.”

Unfortunately, Lin Xiao and those several friends were not aware of who Gu Shengyin was at all. When they first spotted Gu Shengyin, their eyes straightened. (可惜林枭那几个朋友并不知道顾盛因是什么人,乍一见到顾盛因,有一个眼睛都直了)

“I say Lin zi1, you are not sincere. You have such a beautiful friend, but did not introduce us to her?” These words were right; but when that person spoke, their eyes unrestrainedly, and without fear of consequences, sized her up. (这话是没错的,只是那人说话的时候,目光肆无忌惮的打量着顾盛因,目光中的意味让人很不舒服)

Lin Xiao’s heart was secretly not feeling good. Who was Long Tianruo? Being able to sit at the conference table with his father and his elders discussing to establish good relations with her, it was estimated that his several friends did not know her at all and regarded her as a common rich faamily’s xiao jie who came to take a look. (林枭心中暗道不好,龙天若是什么人,能和他父亲上谈判桌,和自己长辈论交的,估计自己拿几个朋友并不知道她,把她当做普通的富家小姐来看了)

He laughed and smoothed things over: “You, this chap, is drunk. This is Long jie, the person in charge of Long shi. Didn’t you say that you were looking forward to meeting her before?” Please read this at jiamin translation dot com.

This man might truly be drunk. If he was sober, even if he didn’t know who Long Tianruo was, it was estimated that he would know that Lin Xiao was warning him. Unfortunately, he was invaded by alcohol right now and only beauty was left in his brain.

He gently pulled the lady next to him with a smile: “What Long shi? I let you introduce this xiao jie. What are you chattering about?” (他搂着身边柔顺的小姐笑道:“什么龙氏不龙氏的,我让你介绍这位小姐,你扯这些干嘛?)

Lin Xiao only wished he could go back in time. He absolutely would not bring this moron over.

The corner of Gu Shengyin’s mouth pulled down: “Lin zi, the quality of this friend you brought back is unevenly matched.” (顾盛因扯了下嘴角:“林子,你这回带过来的朋友,可是有些质量参差不齐啊)

Her brazen sarcasm still let Lin Xiao laugh: “I’m sorry, Long jie. I will definitely keep my eyes open next time.” Bringing this moron was simply losing face.

That drunkard saw that no on paid attention to him, unwillingly stood up, and started drunk talking: “What happened, what happened, Lin zi? Could it be that this beautiful xiao jie is your lover? Hey, hey, hey…You can’t bear to part with her, right? I said long ago…” (那喝醉酒的见到没人理他,不依不饶起来,开始说起浑话:“怎么了林子,莫不是这个漂亮的小姐是你的相好,嘿嘿嘿……你舍不得了是吧,早说嘛…)

Gu Shengyin sent a cold glance towards Lin Xiao to let him deal with it. (顾盛因一言不发的冷眼看着,林枭要怎么处理)

Lin Xiao saw her attitude and knew right away what that look wanted him to do. He clenched his teeth and called the waiter over. (林枭看到她这态度就知道这是看自己要怎么办呢,他咬咬牙,将服务员叫了过来)


“Take him out and find a random room to settle him in,” Lin Xiao said.

This also implied that this person would lose their qualification to be with them.

Inside the room was quiet, especially the several friends Lin Xiao brought from abroad. Now, each and every one of them sat up straight.

Lin Xiao poured himself a glass of wine and toasted towards Gu Shengyin: “Long jie, this time can be considered to be me failing to know a person. Sweeping everyone’s excitement, I will be the first to offer respect!” (林枭给自己倒了一杯酒,对着顾盛因举杯:“龙姐,这一次算是我识人不明,扫了大家的兴了,先干为敬!”)

After he finished speaking, he downed the whole glass. (语毕一饮而尽)

This caused Gu Shengyin to show a smile. (顾盛因这才露出了一个笑容来)

JMin’s Corner:

Ari’s Corner:

1. an ending you use to show intimacy or close friends? I’m not sure but I think it’s similar when someone uses ‘xiao‘ in front of a name

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6 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 353 (unedited)”

  1. Using “Xiao” for someone could mean a myriad of things. Indicating the relationship, social status or age gap, compliment or insult, sarcasm or pampering, silently signaling to others this person is a teammate under your protection or someone your wouldn’t spit on even if they’re on fire.

    It’s a very interesting indicative word that packs so much meaning, very malleable/quick to switch between positive or negative, depending on the situation, speaker, and recipient.

    Thank you for the chapter! 🤣

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