HAWRR Chapter 350 (unedited)

Overbearing Female CEO vs Civilian Small White Flower (1)

Gu Shengyin now increasingly did not want to stay in that pure white space where only the system existed.

“System, start transmigration to the next world,” she said.

“Okay.” The system had never seen its host so impatient to do a task.

When Gu Shengyin opened her eyes this time, she found herself sitting before a spacious office desk. The computer screen in front was densely packed with data. It was quite clear that this was an office and she was the only one there.

The system and Gu Shengyin had a tacit understanding since long ago. Almost at the same time, the entire story line of this world was delivered to Gu Shengyin’s mind.

The original host, Long Tianruo, was a celebrity on A City’s list of rich and powerful and was also the Long shi family corporation’s CEO. (原主龙天若,A市富豪榜上的名人,也是龙氏家族企业的CEO)

This 24-year-old young chairwoman was a person declared to be outstanding by A City’s upper class circle, and she was Long jia‘s sole bloodline and Long shi conglomerate’s boss. (这个年纪不过二十四岁的年轻总裁在整个市上流圈子都是声明赫赫的人物,她是龙家这一代唯一的血脉,也是龙氏集团的当家人)

Long Tianruo returned home from studying abroad to enter the family enterprise four years ago. At that time, it just so happened that Long jia‘s master, that is Long Tianruo’s father, suddenly passed away. The entire Long shi Group had no head, the wind and rain drifting. (龙天若四年前从国外留学归国进入家族企业,那段时间正好龙氏家主也就是龙天若的父亲猝然离世,整个龙氏群龙无首,风雨飘零)

Long Tianruo continued Long shi under these circumstances in this way.

Everyone was waiting to mock her; no one believed that a mere 20 year old family girl could accomplish anything. Those competitors took joy in calamity and delight in in disaster1 thinking that from now on that there was one person less to share the soup2. (所有人都等着看她的笑话,没有一个人相信一个不过二十岁的姑娘家能做出什么成绩来,那些竞争对手更是幸灾乐祸的想着从今往后,要少一个人分一杯羹)

However, Long Tianruo used strength to prove what was called ‘not taking an unfair advantage of exhausting youth.’ (然而龙天若用实力证明了什么叫做莫欺少年穷)

Under her hands, Long shi rose from the dead3, becoming even more prosperous with each passing day, and was now a giant in A City’s business world.  Please read this at jiamin translation dot com.

Long Tianruo, herself, also became A City’s rich generation’s model.

According to reason, a woman such as Long Tianruo, being able to break through the heavens, should live a winner’s life. (按理来说,龙天若这样的女性,在哪里都能自己闯出一片天,活在哪里都应该是人生赢家)

Unfortunately, she was hit by a calamity, Wang Zhenzhen. (可惜,她遇上了命中的劫难,王珍珍)

Wang Zhenzhen was an unremarkable person wherever she was at, appearance was ordinary to the point that she could only be considered delicate and pretty, had a second-class educational background, ability was also mediocre, and her parents were average office workers. (王珍珍是个不管放在上面地方都毫不起眼的人,平凡至多只能算是清秀的容貌,二流的学历,能力也是平平,父母也都是普通职员)

After Wang Zhenzhen graduated, she entered the back door of Long shi and became an average office worker. (王珍珍毕业之后进了龙氏,成为了一名普通的文员)

However, this job of hers did not last long. Long shi did not need an ordinary employee in every aspect, and she was finally fired. (然而,她这份工作并没有长久,龙氏不需要各方面平凡的员工,最后她被解雇)

Seemingly, Wang Zhenzhen and Long Tianruo simply could not pull any relationship with each other. However, the day before Wang Zhenzhen got fired, she just happened to be playing a game and was coincidentally seen by Long Tianruo, who was passing by and said a sentence casually. (然而王珍珍被解雇的前一天,正好在玩游戏,被恰好路过的龙天若看到了,龙天若就随口说了她一句)

As a matter of fact, Long Tianruo truly said a sentence without thinking about it. She basically did not know who Wang Zhenzhen was. But when Wang Zhenzhen received the the employment termination notice the next day, she believed it was due to Long Tianruo. As a result, she blamed her. (可是王珍珍第二天收到了解雇通知,以为是龙天若的授意,心中因此埋怨上了她)

If it was merely just this, Long Tianruo and Wang Zhenzhen would not have deep hatred.

The crucial point was that Wang Zhenzhen, who had become an unemployed person, one day saved a man covered in blood in a dusky alley.

The man who caused Long Tianruo’s final tragic ending—Xia Ziqing.

There was no one who did not know of A City’s Xia jia, A City’s underground Emperor. Although Xia Ziqing was only the young master of Xia jia‘s side branch, he was also capable. (A市夏家,没有一个人不知道,A市地下王国的皇帝,虽然夏子擎只是夏家的一个旁支少爷,也拥有着不小的能量)

Xia Ziqing was interested in Wang Zhenzhen. After the two went through emotions of love and hate and tormenting each other, they lived a happy life together. (夏子擎对王珍珍起了兴趣,两人之间各种爱恨情仇彼此折磨之后,幸福的生活在了一起)

During this period of time, an immense obstruction that ran horizontally between them was Long Tianruo.

Long Tianruo was Xia Ziqing’s first love and also the first woman he had ever dated with or even to get married to. However, the two of them broke up as early as a year ago—Xia Ziqing was too loose. Long Tianruo could not accept her boyfriend having an unclear, ambiguous entanglement with other woman. (龙天若是夏子擎的初恋,也是他第一个动过心交往过甚至打算结婚的女人。然而,两人早在一年前就分手了——夏子擎太风流,龙天若没办法接受自己的男朋友和别人的女人暧昧纠缠不清)

JMin’s Corner: Our MC this time is the CEO of her family business, that I am sure. However, the terms the author uses, 总裁, means chairman or director-general. I looked up positions in a company and CEO, president, chairman are all different positions, so what title do I use? CEO doesn’t flow right in the sentences where ‘chairman’ or 总裁 is used. Any ideas? I might leave it as chairman, but you guys just need to remember our MC is CEO. >_<

Ari’s Corner:

1. to rejoice in other people’s misfortunes

2. one less person fighting to take over the company

3. making an unexpected recovery

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  1. You can be both chairman and ceo at the same time. I believe the chairman of a company is the majority owner and the ceo is simply the one who makes the day to day major decisions for the company. For similar stories the director is usually an elder in the family that leaves the position of ceo to a younger generation to give them experience.

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  2. Well, since her father was already dead..it automatically make her the Chairman and her position is CEO too. Both titles/position can be the same person.

    Thanks for the chapter 😘

    I wonder, what’s the role of her hubby will be this time.. 🤔 is it the real leader of Xia jia? Since the XZQ is from the side branch only.

    I really do hope so.. I don’t like the XZQ be the hubby 😅

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  3. From my understanding, a chairman heads the board of directors and CEO is part of the company’s top management. So the current MC could be both. Just use whatever you think is suitable to the situation or settings haha

    Thanks for the chapter!

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