HAWRR Chapter 347 (unedited)

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (33)

Gu Shengyin had been closely monitoring Zhang Mingshu and Qin Yuanzheng’s situation.

She saw how Zhang Mingshu and Qin Yuanzheng’s relationship was not as passionate as before, Zhang Mingshu obstructed numerous affairs, and the large household, Zhenbei Wangfu, had been reduced to a joke in the eyes of other people.

At first, Zhang Mingshu still had Wangfei’s favor, but as Qin Shao tried to find reasons to deal with Zhenbei Wangfu and the Wangfu met closed doors when requesting for help, Wangfei realized that for an influential family like them, having a reliable in-law who could speak to the One sitting above was important. (起先张明姝还有着王妃的宠爱,可是随着秦韶找个理由发落镇北王府,王府里面四处求助无门的时候,王妃才意识到,对于他们这样的权贵人家来说,有一门靠谱的能在朝堂上说上话的姻亲是多么的重要)

With Zhang Mingshu and Qin Yuanzheng having some some discord, as a mother, no matter how much she was fond of Zhang Mingshu, her heart was naturally still partial towards her son. In this way, Zhang Mingshu gradually lost Wangfei.

Qin Yuanzheng, whose career was not smooth and had become more and more disappointed in her, began to linger on a woman outside. 

When the first qie shi entered the door, a fierce dispute erupted between Zhang Mingshu and Qin Yuanzheng.

Zhang Mingshu felt that her biao ge had changed. He said that he would have a single mind, single heart towards her, but now he received another woman into the door!

She completely forgot that when Qin Yuanzheng still had a marriage contract with Gu Shengyin, she also had this kind of idea.

Everyone knew that the shizi fei, who barely entered Zhenbei Wangfu’s door for less than half a year, was not favored. She, who did not have a maiden family, could only depend on her husband’s family. If her husband’s family did not like her, then she would really be nothing. (所有人都知道了镇北王府刚进门不到半年的世子妃在府中不受宠. 她这样没有娘家的人,唯一所能依靠的,便只有夫家,如果在夫家不受宠爱的话,就真的什么也不是了)

Gu Shengyin very soon had no free time to pay attention to the two of them because she was about to get married. Please read this at jiamin translation dot com.

The Emperor’s wedding was naturally first-class luxurious, yet also first-class cumbersome. (帝王的婚礼自然是一等一的豪华,也是一等一的繁琐)

Even if Gu Shengyin had already experienced it once, she still felt that this event was truly tiring and unbearable. (哪怕顾盛因经历过一次,也依然觉得这么走一遭实在累得慌)

Escorting the bride, offering sacrifice at the ancestral shrine, kowtowing to the Heavens and Earth, and entering the main Kunyi Palace, followed by a feast… (迎亲,祭拜祖庙,叩拜天地,入主坤仪宫,接着是大宴…)

By the time it was all over, Gu Shengyin was so tired that she did not want to lift a finger.

Unfortunately, there was still the wine exchange and wedding night. (可惜,还有合衾酒,还有洞房花烛夜)

Because he had joyfully drunk a lot of wine, the Emperor was practically impatient to lift his wife’s veil. (因为心中高兴喝了不少酒的帝王几乎是迫不及待的掀开了妻子的盖头)

Yes, wife. Qin Shao mulled over the sound of these words softly between his lips, feeling incessantly happy. (秦韶将这两个字轻轻的在唇齿间琢磨了两声,心中舒畅不已)

He looked at the little woman under the red candles. The luxurious, upright ceremonial robe of the Empress displayed her gorgeous unique beauty vividly and thoroughly. Her head was slightly lowered at the moment and appeared to be somewhat shy. Her long, curled eyelashes gently trembled. The Emperor’s heart also trembled along as he gazed at her. (他看着红烛之下的小女人,华贵端方的皇后礼服将她华美无双的美貌展现的淋漓尽致,她此刻微微低着头,似乎有些害羞,长而卷的长睫轻轻的颤动着,看的帝王的心也跟着一颤一颤的)

The wedding room was a hiding the sky and covering the earth1 red color; on top of the wedding bed was his most beloved woman.

Qin Shao felt that he was even more drunk from all the wine he had earlier. (秦韶只觉得先前喝下的酒似乎更加醉人了)

The necessary procedure was not forgotten and was completed. Qin Shao waved his hand to let the unnecessary people leave.

He walked slowly to his wife and stooped down to carry her in his arms.

From now on, she belongs to meHe felt happy and complacent.

One night under the romantic red bed canopy; the wedding candles in Kunyi Palace burned until dawn. (一夜红帐风流,坤仪宫中的喜烛一直燃烧至天明)

Everyone in the Imperial Palace knew that the Empress was loved. Ever since the wedding, His Majesty stayed overnight with the Empress at Kunyi Palace. In addition to handling the state affairs every day, His Majesty was also leisurely with no other imperial concubine in the palace. The Emperor had just married, and there were no long-eyed cabinet ministers at this time to raise the issue of receiving an imperial concubine. Gu Shengyin lived her days quite comfortably. (陛下每日除了处理朝中事物,闲暇之时也是如今宫中尚无其他的嫔妃,帝王刚刚大婚,也没有不长眼的大臣们这个时候提出纳妃的事情,顾盛因的日子过得相当的滋润)

The Empress Dowager was also very good-natured, but…

Every time Gu Shengyin went to pay respects, her elder stared at her stomach with a profound smile.

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