HAWRR Chapter 341 (unedited)

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (27)

Qin Shao received Grand Princess Ronghua and the Liang Taifu couple into the palace.

Grand Princess Ronghua did not speak superfluous words and directly repeated that Qin Yuanzheng had said while kneeling before the Emperor: “This old lady cannot bear for my granddaughter to receive this humiliation and request earnestly for His Majesty to revoke the imperial decree!”

Emperor Xiande quickly held them up.

He said gently: “Gu zumu1 can be at ease. Zhen also watched xiao shimei grow up; how could it be possible for zhen watch her fall into the pit of fire? Don’t worry, zhen already sent people to investigate. If it is truly as what xiao shimei had said that Qin Yuanzheng is really not a good match, it could be considered that zhen pulled the marriage thread back then. Zhen will give gu zumu and biao mei an explanation.” (他语气温和:“姑祖母放心,小师妹也是朕看着长大的,怎么也不可能看着她陷入火坑之中。您放心,朕已经派人前去调查,若是真如小师妹所说,那秦远峥不堪为良配的话,也算是朕当年拉措了姻缘线,朕自会给姑祖母给表妹一个交待)

Even Grand Princess Ronghua did not anticipate that this Emperor, who used soft means yet was swift and decisive, to actually speak so kindly. (即便的荣华大长公主,也没有料到,这位年纪轻轻手段却雷厉风行的帝王居然会这么好说话)

Under the Emperor’s control, their efficiency was naturally very good. The people of Liangjia did not have to wait very long before receiving the Emperor’s news.

The matter of Qin Yuanzheng and Zhang Mingshu was confirmed to be true.

The Emperor said to Grand Princess Ronghua: “It is not too difficult for zhen to send down a decree to overturn the previous imperial edict of marriage bestowal. It’s just that once it is sent, regardless of the reason, xiao shimei’s reputation is expected to be ruined.”

Grand Princess Ronghua became silent.

This was indeed an issue that they had been avoiding. Even if it was publicized, it was Qin Yuanzheng, Zhenbei Wang shizi, whose morality and conduct had flaws, and Liang Chenyu was a young lady who had withdrawn from a marriage. Those genuine first-rate noble families would probably not be very willing for their younger generation to marry this kind of wife. (哪怕说出去,是镇北王府世子秦远峥德行有亏,终归梁宸玉是退过婚事的姑娘家. 那些真正顶级的勋贵世家,怕是不太愿意家中子弟迎娶这样的一位正室)

“No matter what, even at the risk of a damaged reputation, I don’t wish for my Yu’er to marry a person like Zhenbei Wang shizi!” Grand Princess Ronghua clenched her teeth. Please read this at jiamin translation dot com.

“The Empress Dowager had arrived!” The Empress Dowager who had always stayed at Shoukang Palace had come to Ganqian Dragon Palace for an unknown reason. 

Aijia has heard about the matter regarding your family’s xiao jie.” The Empress Dowager had entered the door and got right to the point2

“Now you are worrying about how to settle this matter, but aijia has a way.” The Empress Dowager calmly said.

Grand Princess Ronghua‘s eyes brightened: “I ask Empress Dowager to tell me.”

The Empress Dowager smiled with a profound meaning: “The eight characters of Liang shi‘s daughter, Chenyu, is precious and Zhenbei Wang shizi cannot afford it.”

As soon as she said this, the entire palace hall became quiet.

Liang Taifu took a second to react to the Empress Dowager’s meaning: even a wang ye shizi could not afford these eight characters, then only… (梁太傅只一秒钟就反应过来了太后娘娘的意思:连王爷世子都承受不起的命格,那便只有…)

He glanced at the Emperor sitting at the top with obscurity and discovered that he could not make out any expression on his face at all.

Grand Princess Ronghua also understood the meaning in the Empress Dowager’s words. Was the Empress Dowager asking on behalf of the Holy One to marry their Yu’er?

Seeing that the people of Liangfu did not speak, the Empress Dowager’s eyelid twitched: “What? Do you all have an objection towards aijia‘s proposal?”

After all, Liang Taifu did love his daughter dearly. He did not wish for his daughter to enter the harem where people were eaten: “Answering the Empress Dowager, my daughter’s temperament is naughty and mischievous. I’m afraid it is hard to…” (梁太傅毕竟疼爱女儿,他不希望自己女儿进到后宫那吃人的地方去:“回太后娘娘,小女秉性顽劣,怕是难以…)

The Empress Dowager lightly placed the cup in her hand on the table and interrupted Liang Taifu’s words: “Whether Liang shi‘s daughter has a virtuous appearance or meritorious deeds, it can be said to be a model of my Qi State. Liang Taifu is so modest. Could it be that you despise my imperial household?” (太后将手中的杯子轻轻的往桌案上一顿,打断了梁太傅的话:“梁氏女不论是德容言功,堪称我齐国表率,梁太傅如此自谦,莫非是看不起我皇家?)

Cold sweat dripped down Liang Taifu’s forehead. These words gave him one hundred courage, but he also ten thousand times did not dare to speak. (梁太傅额角冷汗都快流了下来,这话给他一百个胆子,也是万万不敢说的)

He thought the Emperor sitting at the top would stand up and say something. Wasn’t this person usually extremely resistant when his marriage was mentioned? Why did he unexpectedly not make a utter a sound now?

Could it be that the Empress Dowager was too serious and dignified? Even His Majesty did not dare to talk too much?

JMin’s Corner:

Lol, MC’s dad here in this world is the highlight of this world for me 😉

Ari’s Corner:

1. paternal grandaunt

2. raws had idiom, “to open the door and see the mountain” but didn’t sound smooth in translation so i replaced it with the idiom’s meaning

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  1. Lol.. 🤣
    In my area, there’s an obscure engagement trope /sayings.

    “Silence is an agreement.”

    When a formal proposal was made, sometimes the girl in question would be trotted out by her fam and answer the question herself. This is because it’s her most important life choice. Her soon to be mother-in-law will personally approach and ask her if she agree. She’ll be asked, and can answer with a nod or a headshake. But sometimes the girl would be too shy to answer and kept her silence, only keeping her head down and smiling. This will be repeated thrice, to make allowance for nerves and any other unforeseen shenanigans.

    After three times, someone (usually an outsider from both families in question; a neighbor or a friend) would say out loud “keeping your silence means agreeing”~~ usually in a teasing, singsong manner.

    If she didn’t contradict this person’s statement, the engagement proposal is considered accepted.

    I kept thinking about this as I read this chapter, when the Empress Dowager made her move and the Emperor is keeping quiet… 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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