HAWRR Chapter 334 (unedited)

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (20)

It wasn’t that Qin Yuanzheng did not know of this outcome. Looking at the root of this, it was because of selfishness.

He was reluctant to defy the imperial decree, worried that the imperial household would punish Zhenbei Wangfu, and worried about having a hostile relationship with the Emperor’s most favored Taifu fu.

Gu Shengyin looked at Qin Yuanzheng sitting there quietly without words and decided to add more material: “Gong zi, in your heart, is **** more important or is your future more important?”

She did not give Qin Yuanzheng any leeway to withdraw and her tone was solemn: “If gong zi thinks your future is important, then marry and live well with your fiancee. Treat her well after marrying her and thoroughly cut ties with your beloved. If gong zi thinks **** is important, then you don’t need me to say it. Do you have the heart to let your beloved woman be a lowly qie shi?” (她并不给秦远峥任何退退缩的余地,语调严肃:“若是公子觉得前途重要,那么就好生的迎娶你的未婚妻,婚后好好待她,彻底的和你心爱的人一刀两断。若是公子觉得****重要,那就不消我说了,你忍心让自己心爱的女人当一个人人轻贱的妾室吗)

“Allow me to offer a sentence of advice to gong zi. Don’t regard women as fools. If you really marry someone but do not take it seriously, could it be that a pampered xiao jie of a family be clay that could be kneaded? When the time comes, don’t to try to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice used to lure it1.” Gu Shengyin threw a chess piece and stood up.

“I originally thought I had met an intimate friend, but didn’t that think gong zi really isn’t my kindred spirit. I’ll be taking my leave!”

She took no notice of Qin Yuanzheng’s urge for her to stay and brought her maids with her to leave without looking back.

Xiao jie, what you said is awesome!” Jian Jia followed behind her and said admiringly.

“Oh? Then, let’s see which part that I said was good?” Gu Shengyin asked deliberately. (噢?那你倒是说说看,有什么地方说的好?”顾盛因故意问道)

Jian Jia blushed: “Although I have not read as extensively as xiao jie and have some experiences and knowledge, I am unable to say where is it good, but even I think what xiao jie said is reasonable.” (蒹葭脸一红:“我虽然不如小姐博览群书,见多识广,说不出哪里好,但就算觉得您说的有道理)

Gu Shengyin looked askance at her: “You know to speak words of praise.” (顾盛因睨她一眼:“尽会说好话) Please read this at jiamin translation dot com.

Zhi Lan was also quite happy: “I originally thought xiao jie and that gong zi conversed pleasantly, and I was somewhat worried…” Her words trailed off.

“Worried that I would have feelings for him?” Gu Shengyin finished her sentence. 

Zhi Lan’s face turned red: “Xiao jie, please forgive me.”

Gu Shengyin’s tone was cold: “Who do you take your xiao jie as? I am a person with a marriage contract; how could my heart move so easily for a person? How would I be any different than those people who have no sense of honor and shame? Besides, although that gong zi looked good, I realized that he was unexpectedly a person who did not have half of a responsibility of a man from today’s conversation. How could a man like this be worthy of my heart?” (顾盛因语气一冷:“你把你家小姐我当成什么人了?我是有婚约在身的人,怎么可能轻易对人动心?这样与那些不知廉耻的人又有何区别?更何况,那位公子看着是个好的,今日一番相谈才知道竟然是个没有半分担当的男人,这样的人,哪里值得我动心?)

When her words were passed onto Qin Shao, he laughed heartily: “Spoken well!” Qin Yuanzheng, that kind of cowardly man, how could he deserve his little girl?

When Qin Shao first heard from the secret guard that Gu Shengyin had met Qin Yuanzheng, he was feeling incessantly gloomy. In the end, when he heard the words after, especially when Gu Shengyin said the sentence, “You and I are not kindred spirits,” he felt entirely happy. (秦韶原本听到那暗卫所言顾盛因去见了秦远峥,心中正烦闷不已,结果听到后面拿饭话,特别是顾盛因一句:“你我不是同道中人。”只觉得身心舒畅,熨帖不已)

She was worthy of being Taifu jia‘s little girl. Her knowledge was different than other people, and this way of thinking was practically the same as zhen!

At this moment, Emperor Xiande was in a fabulous mood. In his heart, the marriage between this Zhenbei Wangfu and Liang Taifu was completely hopeless.

Turning over his mind, he had an idea.

But, he was somewhat worried that the little girl wouldn’t be able to stand it when she finds out the truth.

On this side, Gu Shengyin was not aware that she already had God’s assistance. She was waiting for Qin Yuanzheng’s choice.

Of course, no matter what Qin Yuanzheng’s choice was, she could make both of them taste the painful consequences.

To know Qin Yuanzheng’s choice, the fastest way was to go to Zhang Mingshu.

Looking at Zhang Mingshu with a glance, Gu Shengyin knew what Qin Yuanzheng’s ultimate choice was.

This was also what she expected.

The Zhang Mingshu in front of her had red swollen eyes, a pale complexion, and a faint greenish black color below the eyes.

Clearly, it looked like she cried all night and didn’t sleep.

JMin’s Corner:

The **** was in the raws

Ari’s Corner:

1. to try to gain an advantage only to end up worse off

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