HAWRR Chapter 333 (unedited)

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (19)

Gu niang, it’s truly a coincident.” Qin Yuanzheng looked at Gu Shengyin with a surprised expression.

Gu Shengyin also had an ‘astonished’ expression. She nodded towards him and said in her heart: Unfortunately, I knew you were coming here.

Qin Yuanzheng was truly happy. He thought that, beside his biao mei, there would never be any woman who could affect his emotions in this world. However, perhaps this woman, whose face he had never seen, was too outstanding, so it made it hard for him to forget even if they had only met once.

There had never been a woman who could talk so agreeably with him.

If Gu Shengyin knew what he was thinking, she would certainly laugh: I came here according to your hobbies. How could I not be agreeable?

Moreover, how many genuine xiao jies of influential families would chat about so many things with a an unfamiliar man?

Even when Gu Shengyin was meeting with Qin Yuanzheng, she wore a veil.

This time, Gu Shengyin was followed by two maids.

Qin Yuanzheng intended to get close to Gu Shengyin, so he invited her to have a chat.

Jian Jia and Zhi Lan both secretly pulled Gu Shengyin’s sleeve, but was stopped by a glance from Gu Shengyin.

Qi State’s customs had always been open and playing chess with people at a chess club was not at all a shocking practice. (齐国的民风向来比较开放,在棋社和人下棋并不是多么惊世骇俗的做法)

What was more, Gu Shengyin did not reveal her identity and brought along two maids.

Seeing Gu Shengyin agree, Qin Yuanzheng was very happy.

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The two of them did not share their name. Gu Shengyin intentionally didn’t say it, and Qin Yuanzheng thought it was rare to meet a close friend. Thus, if he raised his identity, it would inevitably make him seem vulgar.

As a result, the two ‘strangers’ pleasantly interacted.

Gu Shengyin played as white and Qin Yuanzheng played as black.

Both of their minds were not focused on playing chess.

Perhaps it was Gu Shengyin’s calm appearance made people have a desire to share their thoughts, or perhaps it was the incense being burned that was too intoxicating.

In short, Qin Yuanzheng suddenly had an urge to tell Gu Shengyin about the gloom in his heart.

Gu Shengyin just pointed him out: “Looking at gong zi, it seems that there is a matter at heart?” (顾盛因恰到好处的点了他一下:“我观公子,似是心中有事)

Qin Yuanzheng forced a smile: “There is a problem that has been bothering me for quite a while, but it should not be spoken to a gu niang.”

Gu Shengyin faintly said: “You and I are strangers coming together by chance. If gong zi thinks it is convenient, you can share it with me. Moreover, we may not have the opportunity to meet next time.”

Qin Yuanzheng’s heart moved. That’s right; the rare encounter of the two was already fate. In this large capital, he couldn’t say for sure that he could ever meet this woman again. (秦远峥心中一动,对啊,两人能有一次巧遇已经是难得的缘分,这偌大一个京城,自己同面前的女子,说不定再也没有相见的机会了)

Ignoring the unwillingness to give up in his heart, Qin Yuanzheng slowly opened his mouth.

Gu Shengyin was quite surprised that Qin Yuanzheng would even tell someone about the affair of him and his biao mei.

“So, gong zi has someone he loves dearly in his heart, but has no choice but to marry a xiao jie of an influential family, who gong zi already has a marriage contract with.” Gu Shengyin pointed out the key point.

Qin Yuanzheng nodded bitterly.

Gu Shengyin gave this person a high point because he shared his story. In his narrative, he did not demean Liangfu and Liang Chenyu excessively. This person actually could not be considered to be a villain. (顾盛因倒是因为他的诉说而对此人高看了一分,他的诉说里,并没有过分贬低梁府以及梁宸玉,此人倒还不算个小人)

But, his words did not indicate any desire to change the situation; he was completely a coward.

“I really won’t conceal it from you, gong zi. If you continue on like this, you will not be able to treat your wife well after marrying her. Your beloved person can’t even enter the family justly and can only be a lowly wai shi. You doing this would only harm the both of them.”

Gu Shengyin mercilessly poked his scar.

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Seems to me that you guys want the ML to be the villain and sweep our MC’s feet off the ground and fly to the palace 😉

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