HAWRR Chapter 331 (unedited)

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (17)

When Qin Shao came, he saw a scene that made him unable to restrain a smile.

A little drunk cat with hazy eyes leaning comfortably on a chair in the pavilion, trying hard to reach out to a branch with flowers in front.

One of those flowers was not too far, yet not too close. If she could sit up straight, she could pluck it. Unfortunately, she was not willing to get up and simply waved her hand in the air in vain repeatedly.

Qin Shao had seen Gu Shengyin several times, and all those times, he had seen her with a dignified and perfect-mannered appearance. Where did he see her appearance like this?

He thought it was amusing for a bit and actually did not say anything. He stood there watching her trying to grab that flower again and again.

Her silk sleeve slipped down on her arm due to the motion, revealing a portion of her jade-like arm.

Qin Shao saw it and felt that the flower was not as beautiful as that half-exposed skin.

Recalling what he had just thought about, Qin Shao’s old face turned red and spurned himself. Just now, he unexpectedly had this kind of thought towards this little girl who was nearly ten years younger than him.

Just about he was about to leave, Gu Shengyin apparently seemed to be upset.

She actually stood up and plucked that flower, fulfilling her wish. (居然撑着站了起来,如愿以偿的摘到了那枝花)

Gu Shengyin revealed a perfectly contented smile, placed it under her nose, and gently sniffed it.

However, in the eyes of the Emperor, that flower completely lost its color due to her satisfied smile.

Unknowingly in his mind, an idea popped up: If she could always smile like this, which man would not be willing to give up everything? (他脑海中不知怎么的,就冒出了一个念头:若是能一直让她露出这样的笑容,任是哪个男人,怕是都愿意倾其所有吧)

At this time, he unexpectedly felt jealous towards Qin Yuanzheng. Please read this at jiamin translation dot com.

However, Gu Shengyin was seeking death herself. She was drunk yet was using one hand to lean against the chair with difficulty to stand up. (然而顾盛因却是自己作了个大死,她原本是喝的醉醺醺的,靠着手扶着靠椅才勉强站了起来)

When she got the flower, she had forgotten about it and turned around. Her left foot tripped over her right foot and stumbled down just like that. (这一拿到花,一时忘了形,一个转身,左脚绊着右脚,就那么一个趔趄摔了下去)

Unfortunately, she was not even aware of it and unexpectedly wore a smile on her face.

Qin Shao still had not made up his mind whether to pull her or not, but his body already reacted quickly and embraced the person in his arms.

Really small.

That was Qin Shao’s first thought.

The little girl in his arms was soft, lovable, small, and also fragrant to the point where you wouldn’t want to let go when you hold her.

He looked at her once again and let out a laugh. This heartless little girl had already pinched that flower, and he didn’t know what good dream she was having.

“…Your Majesty!” The young inner court servant, who came over carrying sobering soup, saw Qin Shao holding the girl in his arms and frightened him into kneeling in a hurry.

The gentleness on Qin Shao’s face disappeared and he said in a cold voice: “Taifu jia‘s xiao jie is drunk. Go find two palace maids to come stay with her to rest and make sobering soup. Then, notify the Grand Princess.” (秦韶脸上的柔情消失不见,冷声说道:“太傅家的小姐喝醉了,你去找两个宫女来将她待下去小憩一会儿,另去煮点醒酒汤。再去通知大长公主一声)

“Yes, Your Majesty.” The young inner court servant withdrew in a hurry so as to not see something that should not be seen. (是,陛下。”小内侍慌忙下去,至于不该看的东西,他什么也没看到)

On this side, Gu Shengyin felt that she was caught in a familiar embrace full of lotus fragrance. She subconsciously drilled deeper into Qin Shao’s arms and even habitually wrapping her arms around his waist, causing his arms to stiffen completely. (这边顾盛因感觉到自己陷入了一个熟悉的充满莲香的怀抱之中,下意识的往秦韶怀里钻得更紧,甚至习惯性的抬手环住了他的腰,浑然不觉抱住自己的怀抱僵硬的不行)

Qin Shao was somewhat embarrassed and at a complete loss. Ever since he became an adult, no one dared to hold him like this.

But looking at the little girl’s full of dependence and satisfied expression, a strange sweetness rose in his heart. (可是看着小姑娘满心满脸依赖满足的神情,他又诡异的心中升起一股甜蜜来)


She was someone else’s fiancee.

Qin Shao strived to persuade himself, ignoring the faint unwillingness welling up in his heart, and placed her down leaning on the chair. (秦韶努力的说服自己,忽略心中涌起的淡淡不舍,将人放了下来,靠在了椅子上)

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