HAWRR Chapter 330 (unedited)

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (16)

The Empress Dowager’s age was not too old and appeared to be in her forties.

Of course, her real age was a bit older than how she appeared to be.

As an elder, Grand Princess Ronghua was treated with courtesy as she should be by rights and was arranged to be seated closest to the master’s seat. (荣华大长公主作为长辈,理所当然的受到了礼遇,被安排在了最靠近主位的位子上)

Originally, according to the customs, Meng shi and the others were all arranged to be seated according to their titled rank; however, Gu Shengyin was held in Grand Princess Ronghua‘s arms with a beaming smile. Thus, she had no choice but to follow her grandmother to sit in the conspicuous spot.

This made her gain a large amount of attention, especially the few people who had the idea of sending their daughter into the palace; they all examined Gu Shengyin.

After recognizing her, their gaze became much friendlier. After all, the people who could sit here were all well-informed. Liang Taifu‘s legitimate eldest daughter was bestowed to Zhenbei Wangfu’s shizi. This matter was known to all of them.

Zhenbei Wangfei and Lao Wangfei were members of the Imperial clan and were naturally seated at the very front as well.

They were also examining Gu Shengyin right now.

Lao Wangfei looked at her sitting at the side; her posture and appearance was perfect. Under the eyes of many people, her face did not change. She nodded to herself inwardly. (老王妃看她端坐一侧,姿态仪容无一不是完美,在这么多人的打量之下也是面不改色,心中暗暗点头)

Zhenbei Wangfei was not so happy. It was because of this future daughter-in-law that Zhang Mingshu, her brother’s daughter, was sent to a courtyard outside. It was very difficult to have a good impression on Gu Shengyin.

Not to mention, Gu Shengyin’s delicate and unique appearance gave her a sense of crisis and worried about being neglected by her son after getting married. (更不用说,顾盛因相貌精致华美无双,让她心中有了一丝危机感,担心成亲之后儿子会冷落了明姝)

She was afraid that her son would like this legal wife and give the cold shoulder to his qie shi. It had to be said that who knew what things Zhenbei Wangfei‘s brain was made out of. (不得不说,这镇北王妃脑子里,真的不知道装了些什么东西)

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Gu Shengyin nautrally felt Zhenbei Wangfei‘s gaze, but the other person was also too brazen, which made her feel really disgusted with her.

Sitting by her side, Grand Princess Ronghua patted her hand gently before shifting her eyes towards Zhenbei Wangfei.

Zhenbei Wangfei suddenly met Grand Princess Ronghua‘s harsh eyes and hurriedly lowered her eyes, not daring to look.

Lao Wangfei looked at this daughter-in-law with resentment for failing to meet her expectations and making improvements. After being a wangfei for so many years, she did not have the bearings of a wangfei at all. (老王妃恨铁不成钢的看了这个儿媳妇一眼,当了这么多年的王妃,半点王妃的气度也无,上不得台面的东西)

This banquet was nothing more than enjoying the performances of the actors and actresses in the palace. The familiar furens of the officials greeted each other and the Empress Dowager bestowed some rewards. Gu Shengyin felt somewhat under the weather and found an excuse to secretly slip out.

The imperial garden was very quiet because the group of officials and their wives were all at the front.

The lights were very bright and Gu Shengyin, who was guided by an inner court servant, slowly appreciated this forgotten beautiful scenery.


“Is there something to quench my thirst?” asked.

The inner court servant was not too old; his voice was clear and crisp: “Yes, but this slave will need a couple of minutes to get it. Gu niang might as well wait in the small pavilion up ahead.”

Seeing Gu Shengyin nod, the young inner court servant repeatedly emphasized ten thousand times that she must not indiscriminately walk around the garden so as to avoid provoking other people before leaving. (见到顾盛因点头,那小内侍再三的强调千万不要乱走,免得在御花园里迷了路冲撞了别人)

When he left, Gu Shengyin sighed in relief before looking for the small pavilion and sat down comfortably. (等到她离开,顾盛因松了口气,寻到那小亭子,自己弄了个舒服的姿态坐了下来)

Earlier, the Empress Dowager granted her wine and she had no choice but to drink a cup.

This was a ‘one drop of wine must not touch1‘ body and was already mildly intoxicated.

She shook her head to make herself sober. She raised her head and saw a tree of flowers protruding through the pavilion’s eaves. Not knowing what kind of flower it was, the large clusters of flowers bloomed very beautifully. She wanted to extend her hand and reach out to it. (她摇摇头让自己清醒,抬头看到有一树花透过亭子的檐顶伸了进来,不知道是什么花,大团大团层层叠叠的花瓣绽放着,很是漂亮. 她就想伸出手来,去够到它)

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1. never touched alcohol

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