HAWRR Chapter 324 (unedited)

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (10)

Gong zi?”

Qin Yuanzheng woke up from his trance, secretly annoyed at himself for actually being absent-minded towards a woman he had never met before. (秦远峥从恍惚间回过神来,暗自懊恼自己居然对着一个连正脸都不曾见到过的女人失神)

If Shu‘er knew about this, he’s afraid that she’ll feel deeply hurt…Thinking of Zhang Mingshu, his expression darkened again.

Gu Shengyin saw his appearance and did something while lowering her gracefully curved neck gently exposing her tempting beautiful skin due to her shyness. Seeing that, Qin Yuanzheng’s mind was swept away. (顾盛因看着他这副样子,只做什么都不知道,轻轻的垂下了弧度优美的脖颈,露出来的肌肤因为害羞而镀上了一层有诱.人的粉色,看的秦远峥又是心神一荡)

He couldn’t control his eyes from looking at the woman in front of him. Thinking carefully in his mind, he was wondering what kind of appearance was behind that veil. (他控制不住的将眼神看向眼前的女子,脑海之中细细思索着,不知道这面纱下面,又是何等的绝色)

Gong zi, I shall take my leave.” Gu Shengyin’s objective was more or less achieved so she was leaving.

Qin Yuanzheng intended to call out and stop her for inquiries. However, looking at the quality of her clothes, she was not a woman from a small family and felt that it would be too rash to ask for her family name. Like this, he stared blankly at Gu Shengyin walking downstairs and disappearing in the crowd.

He took a sip of wine to covered up the disappointment and frustration that arose in his heart as if he had lost something. (他饮下一口酒,掩下心中升起的怅然若失之感)

After Gu Shengyin went downstairs, she sighed in relief. (再说顾盛因,下了楼之后,大舒了一口气)

Actually, it was not because she was nervous. Facing Qin Yuanzheng, that kind of slag man, it was still necessary to put on a shy woman’s appearance, which really made her feel sick.

Xiao jie.”

Outside the door and around a corner, an inconspicuous green-curtained carriage was quietly parked there. Her maid, Jian Jia, called out to her softly.

Seeing Gu Shengyin come out, Jian Jia breathed a sigh of relief. Earlier, xiao jie had stubbornly insisted on going to Wen Song Restaurant to see Hanshi xian sheng‘s painting and did not allow them to follow. She was always restless in the carriage fearing that something might happen to xiao jie.

Xiao jie, are we going back home now?” Jian Jia asked.

Gu Shengyin shook her head. It was rare for her to leave the house, and if it was to merely meet that slag man, wouldn’t it be too dull?

“Let’s go to the southern part of the city for a stroll.” Gu Shengyin’s eyes turned as she thought of a good place.

“Emp…Qin gong zi, this is where Chen xian sheng resides in.” A servant respectfully said to an blue-robed gong zi. (陛……秦公子,这里就是陈先生居住的地方。”一个青衣人态度恭敬的对着一个蓝袍公子说道)

This courtyard was not too bright. Two large, bold cursive calligraphy characters, “Chenfu”, was outlined with wild grass above the gate. (这是一所不过亮进的院子,大门之上用狂草勾勒出两个龙飞凤舞的大字“陈府”)

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The blue-robed gong zi‘s appearance was just and honest, and was like the moonlight and cool breeze1 when he smiled. Taking a closer look, it was precisely the man Gu Shengyin had met in her fu‘s back garden at that time. The current Holy One, Xiande Emperor, Qin Shao. (那蓝袍公子眉眼清隽,笑起来朗月清风,仔细一看,正是顾盛因当初在府里后花园中遇上的人,当今圣上,显德帝秦韶)

“Fuxi, you say, will this Chen xian sheng be willing to serve as an official?” Qin Shao asked.

The person at his side bowed from his waist: “If there is a Master who respects the wise, like you, how could any scholar in this world be unwilling to choose a wise master?” (他身边的人弯下了腰:“有您这样礼贤下士的主子,天底下的读书人,哪有不愿择一明主的呢?)

Qin Shao smiled but did not comment on his answer: “Go knock on the door.”

Meanwhile, just one street away from Chenfu, a green-curtained carriage slowly halted.

Xiao jie, what are we doing here?” Jian Jia asked.

Gu Shengyin took a look at this newly renovated courtyard. Even the main gate was newly painted. It could be seen from the quality of the materials used to decorate the main gate that the owner of this house had spent a lot of thoughts on it.

In such an exquisite courtyard, it seemed that Zhang Mingshu’s life here was not bad.

Gu Shengyin certainly could not let others know that she simply came to take a look at the house that Qin Yuanzheng used to hide his beloved. She slowly narrated: “I heard that Qiwu Street has imported goods from overseas for the most part, so I wanted to come take a look.”

Jian Jia mumbled to herself: “Those objects from overseas, what good things are not offered as tribute to the palace? Every time those da ren2 were conferred a reward, which one was not close to your hand? Why should you come see these poor quality things like this?” (蒹葭嘟囔了一声:“那些海外来的物件儿,好东西哪些不是进贡了宫中,大人每次得的赏赐,哪次不是先紧着您的,何必还来看这么些不入流的?)

But since the Master had requested, thus they being servants should listen. (不过主子要求,她们做奴婢的,听着便是)

JMin’s Corner:

Ari’s Corner:

1. pure and honest

2. title of respect used to superiors

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