HAWRR Chapter 321 (unedited)

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (7)

At that time,  he simply thought that whoever had the honor of marrying that kind of little girl would certainly hold her in the palm of his hands and love her dearly for a lifetime. Who would have thought that such a joke would come out from Zhenbei Wangfu unexpectedly. (他那时候便觉得,那样小小的一个姑娘,谁若是能有幸娶得了她,必然是要捧在手心里疼.宠.一世的,哪里知道,镇北王府居然闹出了这么一档子事来)

However, he also knew that if this matter really spreads out of hand, it would be a huge blow towards Taifu fu and her reputation. (只是,他也知道,这种事情真要是闹大了,对太傅府,对她的名声,也是个不小的打击)

Zhen will send down a decree and rebuke how Zhenbei Wang‘s family management is not strict enough. Grandmother, please take care of your health.” Ultimately, he thus said. (最终他如是说道)

The act of Princess Ronghua crying was originally more than her true thoughts and feelings. Now that she received the desired result, she no longer continued. (荣华大长公主这一场哭诉,原本就演戏多过真情流露,此时得到了想要的结果,也不再不依不饶)

Meanwhile, Meng shi was sitting in Zhenbei Wangfu’s hall.

“I don’t know what matter Meng furen had come for?” Although Zhenbei Wangfei was surprised how the other person had turned up without being invited dressed in such a careful way, not to mention Taifu fu being heavily trusted by the Holy One and Meng shi being a future relative by marriage, she still put on a smile across her face. (不知道孟夫人前来,是有何事?”镇北王妃虽然惊诧于对方如此慎重打扮不请自来,但毕竟太傅深受圣上信重,孟氏又是未来的亲家,她依旧是满脸笑容)

Meng furen gently raised the teacup in front of her with her hand and lightly blew on it several times. In the end, she did not speak.

“I don’t dare undertake Wangfei‘s great kindness. Merely, I heard that an orphaned biao xiao jie grew up together with shizi in Zhenbei Wangfu. I don’t know if it is possible to meet her?” Meng shi indifferently said.

Hearing Ming shi mention Zhang Mingshu, Zhenbei Wangfei‘s complexion obviously became unnatural.

When she heard the other person’s words, she laughed: “Furen is talking about my maiden family’s niece, Mingshu. I pitied her still being young in age yet losing both her parents, so I took her in and raised her. How did Meng furen know her?”

Meng shi gently placed the teacup on the table. Although the action was not strong, the teacup still made a “ke” sound.

Meng shi had a smile yet not a smile: “I originally did not know; however, a few days ago as luck would have it, I went out to handle affairs and saw your family shizi and a white-clothed woman appearing intimate. Even furens were part of the onlookers speaking, which gave me a fright.” (孟氏似笑非笑:“原本不知道的。可是呀,前几日里,不巧我出门办事,看到了贵府的世子爷和一白衣女子形容亲密,旁人更是口称夫人,可是把我给吓了一跳)

Her expression completely cooled down: “I never knew when I, Liang Mengshi, had such a daughter!”

Zhenbei Wangfei‘s expression finally changed.

She was never conspicuous and her son also never tried avoiding when he was outside. In the capital, the people who were aware of the marriage between Zhenbei Wangfu and Taifu fu were not too few. (她万万没有显到,自家儿子居然在外也如此不避讳,这京城之中,知道镇北王府与太傅府亲事的人家可不在少数,一不小心,便容易露了行迹)

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She said with a strong smile: “There must be a misunderstanding…”

Ming shi did not yield one bit: “Then, may I ask Wangfei to explain what the misunderstanding is to me?”

Suddenly, there was a delicate voice coming from outside the door: “I heard that a guest came, I…”

Meng shi raised her head and looked over. She saw an elegant and supple white-clothed silhouette heading their way.

She saw that her face was like a hibiscus, her eyebrows like willow leaves, her mouth appeared cinnabar red. She was indeed a rare beauty. (只见她面若芙蓉,眉如柳叶,口似朱丹,确实是个难得的美人)

Meng shi sized up her clothes, already having an answer in her heart.

“Might I assume this is the renowned Zhang xiao jie?” Meng shi began speaking.

Zhang Mingshu was somewhat curious: “May Xiao 1, Zhang Mingshu, know who furen is?”

Meng shi‘s smile had a profound meaning: “I am Liang Taifu fu‘s mistress2. I don’t know if Zhang xiao jie is aware of who I am?”

Zhang Mingshu’s complexion became pale.

Of course she knows where Liang Taifu fu is, and is even more aware of who this furen is!

The mother of Biao ge‘s future wife!

Seeing the appearance of her on the verge of collapse and also the distress that was suppressed in Zhenbei Wangfei‘s eyes, Meng shi already knew the result in her heart. Not wanting to see their faces anymore, she got up and left with a sneer. (孟氏看着她那副摇摇欲坠的模样,又见镇北王妃心疼的眼神,心中便已经有了底。冷笑一声,不想再看到他们的嘴脸,起身拂袖离去)

JMin’s Corner:

Ari’s Corner:

1. my/this daughter (humble)

2. female master (not the xiao san definition)

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