HAWRR Chapter 320 (unedited)

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (6)

After this happened, the sisters were not in the mood to continue shopping and got into the carriage to return to the fu.

Liang Linyu went to Princess Ronghua‘s courtyard as soon as she returned to the fu.

Fearing that this younger sister would shoot her mouth off in anger at Grandma, Gu Shengyin followed after her quickly. (怕这个妹妹口无遮拦气到了祖母,顾盛因连忙也跟了过去)

“Yu’er…was what your sister said true?” Princess Ronghua‘s entire body trembled in anger.

Gu Shengyin felt embarrassed, but still bit her lip and nodded.

Princess Ronghua slapped the table angrily: “What a good Zhenbei Wangfu, a good shuzi1 Qin Yuanzheng!” (荣华大长公主气的一拍桌子:“好一个镇北王府,好一个竖子秦远峥)

To even scold using shuzi, one could imagine how furious Princess Ronghua was.

She instructed the older servant girl: “Go and call Da Furen2 to come over.” The Da Furen in her mouth was the wife of Liang Taifu, Liang Chenyu’s mother, Meng shi3.

Meng shi came very quickly, but before she had the time to curtsy, she was stopped by her mother-in-law, who informed her what Liang Linyu had said earlier. (孟氏来的很快,还没来得及请安,就被自家婆婆拉住,将先前梁琳玉告知自己的话说给了她听)

Being able to be chosen as a daughter-in-law by Princess Ronghua, Meng shi‘s family background was naturally also extremely prominent.

Huguo gong4 Meng shi‘s eldest daughter was now Huguo gong Meng Qikang’s younger sister. (护国公孟氏的嫡女,如今护国公孟齐康的亲妹妹)

Meng shi‘s reaction was more or less the same as Princess Ronghua, endless fury after hearing about this matter.

The following matter was unsuitable for Liang Linyu, this young girl, to know. After warning the young girl repeatedly not tell other people about this matter, Princess Ronghua and Meng shi began to discuss ways to deal with this issue. (接下来的事情不适合梁琳玉这个小姑娘知道,再三告诫她不准将此事告知别人之后,荣华大长公主和孟氏开始商量应对的法子)

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Gu Shengyin was asked to stay in the courtyard. According to Princess Ronghua‘s statement: The root of this matter was related to her, and since she was old enough, she should slowly come into contact some things that could be known. (按照大长公主的说法:这件事情本就和她相关,而且她的年纪也这么大了,该知道的一些东西,也得慢慢接触)

That same day, Meng shi sent out people to inquire some information.

Three days later, Princess Ronghua and Meng shi turned pale when they received the news.

“Since childhood, they have eaten at the same table and the two were not suspected? Do the people of Zhenbei Wangfu all treat her as the heir’s fei5? In perfect harmony? Good, good, good! Very good!” Princess Ronghua‘s hands were trembling. (从小同桌同食,两小无猜?镇北王府的下人们都是把人当世子妃对待?琴瑟和鸣?好好好!好得很!”荣华大长公主手都在颤.抖)

“Come take out my titled court dress!” Princess Ronghua said in a stern voice. (来人,去取我的命妇朝服!”荣华大长公主厉声说道)

Princess Ronghua dressed and put on makeup according to her rank, and she rushed off to the palace. (荣华大长公主一身按品大妆,浩浩荡荡的朝着宫里请安去了)

At the same time, Meng shi was also not idle. She put on her best clothes and personally paid a visit to Zhenbei Wangfu.

Princess Ronghua said she was going to the Palace to pay respects, but currently in the Palace, who could accept her respects in regards of seniority?

The Holy One had not married yet, so she went straight to the Taihou gong6.

Even the Empress Dowager called her ‘Aunt’ when she saw her.

As soon as Princess Ronghua entered the Palace, the Empress Dowager received the news and personally came out to greet her. Unexpectedly when they met, Princess Ronghua immediately knelt and started crying.

The Empress Dowager, who was a bit dumbfounded by this suddenly outburst, hurriedly sent someone to help support Princess Ronghua to stand up and took a while to figure out what had happened. (太后直接被这一出闹得有点懵,慌忙遣人将大长公主扶了起来,又好一会儿,才弄明白了事情的经过)

“Zhenbei Wangfu turned out to be such an unruly household?” The Empress Dowager was in somewhat disbelief. When was there a justification when the main wife had not entered the door, yet the fu was already raising a “little main wife”? (哪里有着主母尚未进门,府里就养着一位“小主母”的道理?)

“Aunt, don’t worry. Aijia7 will be the master in your place.” The Empress Dowager consoled Princess Ronghua with some words and instructed someone to invite the Emperor to come. (姑母放心,哀家自会替你做主。”太后好言宽慰了荣华大长公主一番,便命人去请圣上来)

After all, this marriage was personally bestowed as an Imperial decree by the Emperor. Regardless of what decision was made, it was not good to overstep him. (毕竟,这婚事是圣上亲自下旨赐下的,如今无论做什么决定,总不好越过他)

Hearing that the Empress Dowager had requested his presence, Qin Shao, who was usually filial, hurried over at once.

After hearing what had happened, unknowingly, Qin Shao’s mind recalled for the first time those pair of black eyes, circling around thinking of a way to slip away, that he saw that day in Taifu fu‘s back garden. (听明事情经过,不知怎么的,秦韶的脑海里第一个想起来的,是那天在太傅府后花园里见到的那双乌溜溜圆滚滚的眸子)

JMin’s Corner:

*cough* Got engrossed in playing games…but now back to translating for now~

Btw, I started posting teasers in discord again…

Ari’s Corner:

1. 竖子 is used here and from what i’ve looked up, it means ‘boy’ with contempt – like boy servant

2. Eldest Madam

3. shi was mentioned before but as reminder, it indicates the maiden name. so Liang Chenyu’s mother is from Meng family

4. something similar to “Duke Who Protects the State”; in this case, the Meng Clan is a Duke ranked family whose job is to defend the state/country

5. imperial concubine

6. Empress Dowager’s Palace

7. how widowed Empress refers to herself

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