HAWRR Chapter 318 (unedited)

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (4)

As expected, not long after Gu Shengyin and Liang Linyu arrived, Gu Shengyin received a system message that Qin Yuanzheng and Zhang Mingshu were approaching.

Soon, Gu Shengyin saw a gorgeous-shaped carriage stopping at Treasure Jade Pavilion’s door.

Then, a plain-clothed woman wearing a veil came down. (接着,一个穿着一身素色衣裳,脸上也蒙了块同色面纱的女人走了下来)

Gu Shengyin quietly looked at this woman. She was slightly thin, but had a graceful bearing when she stood up. Although her genuine appearance could not be seen through the veil on her face, seeing her pair of eyes that were exposed, she should be a beauty. (顾盛因细细的打量着这个女人,她身形略显单薄,行走起来却别有一番绰约风姿,脸上虽然带着面纱无法窥见真容,却能从那双露出来的盈盈双目之中看出来,应该是个美人)

Also, if she wasn’t a beauty, how could Qin Yuanzheng never step into the door of the legitimate wife?

However, she got down from the carriage alone, and Qin Yuanzheng evidently did not intend to enter.

Perhaps he thought it would be harmful to his identity to accompany his baomei on the streets? A conjecture flashed through Gu Shengyin’s mind, but in the end, she shook her head. Regardless of the reason, it had nothing to do with her. (或许是觉得陪表妹逛街有损他的身份?)

She slowly browsed through the items in the shop, but her mind was on Zhang Mingshu.

At this moment, Zhang Mingshu was wearing a jade bracelet on each wrist: the green one on her left wrist was pure green. With a single glance, she could tell that it was not an ordinary item; the one on the right wrist was an extremely rare sheep fat-colored white jade. It’s entirety was flawless and complemented unspeakably with Zhang Mingshu’s fair skin. (这会儿张明姝左右两只手上,各带上了一只玉镯子:左手上那只绿意盈盈,通透纯净,一看就知道不是凡品;而右手上那只,更是极为难得的羊脂白玉,通体无瑕,衬着张明姝白皙的肌肤,说不出的好看)

Zhang Mingshu was currently placing her hands side by side for comparison. Her black eyebrows wrinkled softly, seemingly very distressed on choosing which one was better. Looking at her expression, she clearly couldn’t bear to pick one over the other. (张明姝此刻正将两只手放在一起比较,黛眉轻蹙,似乎很是烦恼到底选哪个比较好,看她神情,分明是哪一个都舍不得)

The shopkeeper had meaningful eyes; how could he not see her mind. He smiled amiably: “Let me see ah, these two bracelets suits the Young Lady very well. The Young Lady’s skin is fair and looks beautiful with either one.” (那店家是个有眼色的,哪里看不出她的心思,笑得一脸的和气:“要我看啊,这两只镯子,都很适合小姐,小姐肤色白皙,配哪个都好看)

Zhang Mingshu was very happy and smiled when she heard those words: “Then, wrap both of them up.” 

The shopkeeper completed a large order and naturally treated Zhang Mingshu even more diligently. (店家成了一笔大单,自然对待张明姝更加殷勤)

Zhang Mingshu suddenly lifted her feet and walked towards the carriage, stood by the carriage, and spoke to the person inside. Looking at her reaction, she should be very happy.

After a while, Zhang Mingshu came back into the shop, and the shopkeeper asked which fu to deliver her things to.

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Zhang Mingshu lifted her head slightly and proudly said: “I am from Zhenbei Wangfu, but you do not need to send it there. Just place it on the carriage outside and someone will come get it. I will continue browsing.” 

When the shopkeeper heard this, his appearance became more respectful.

At this time, Liang Linyu suddenly pulled Gu Shengyin’s sleeve and whispered, “Da jiejie, isn’t Zhenbei Wangfu you…?”

Gu Shengyin lightly shot a glance at her. (顾盛因轻轻的瞪了她一眼)

Liang Linyu stuck out her tongue and quietly muttered, “I’ve never heard it before. Did Zhenbei Wangfu have a junzhu1?”

Gu Shengyin secretly said: Of course not. Although Zhenbei Wang does not have a junzhu, Zhenbei Wangfei has an extremely treasured niece.

Zhang Mingshu was slowly guided around the store by the shopkeeper to browse. It was estimated that the shopkeeper was trying to find a topic to flatter Zhang Mingshu and unknowingly shifted the conversation to the person inside the carriage.

“I saw that the Young Lady’s eyes keep looking towards the carriage. Could it be that your sweetheart is waiting for you? The Young Lady truly has good fortune.” Zhang Mingshu blushed but did not refute.

The shopkeeper saw this and continued on with this topic: “When will the two of you have a happy matter? Xiaode2 now congratulates the two.”

Although Zhang Mingshu was bashful, she was in an excellent mood being flattered by him and repeatedly pointed her finger at good items to be wrapped up.

Gu Shengyin watched this with a sneer. Zhang Mingshu obviously knew that Qin Yuanzheng was bestowed a marriage. It was impossible for her to be the bride, but she still put on this appearance, really causing one to feel disgusted.

JMin’s Corner:

Ari’s Corner:

1. Princess of the Third Rank; in other words, the Emperor’s brother’s daughter -> niece. For more information on rankings and titles you can check out here.

2. ‘I’ when talking to superior

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