HAWRR Chapter 316 (unedited)

Miserable Official Wife vs Mistress With Upper Hand (2)

After reading the whole story line, Gu Shengyin asked the system what the timeline was and breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, it was when the heroine, Liang Chenyu, had not yet married. It was not the fourth year of Xiande1. Apart from Liang Chenyu having just reaching the marriageable age, she still had one year left before marrying into Zhenbei Wangfu.

After reading the original story line, Gu Shengyin had already thought of how to properly deal with that pair of a slag man and lowly woman. (顾盛因在看完原剧情之后,脑子里就已经想好了要怎么对付那一对渣男贱女)

Qin Yuanzheng? Don’t you like your baomei2? I can help fulfill your wish. When I am helping you fulfill your wish, I don’t know if you would still be so happy. (我会成全你的,就是不知道,当我愿意成全你的时候,你还会不会那么高兴)

Zhang Mingshu? Aren’t you whole-heartedly devoted to your baoge3? If he doesn’t love you, I’d like to see what you, an orphan, could rely on to stand in a filthy place like Zhenbei Wangfu. (我倒要看看,如果他不爱你了,你一个无父无母的孤女,又凭什么,在镇北王府那样一个肮脏的地方站住脚)

She slowly got up. The maid keeping watch outside the canopy veil heard the movement and promptly helped her pull aside the veil.

“Is the Young Lady awake?”

“En.” Gu Shengyin responded lazily.

The cotton curtain embroidered with a light-colored coiled orchid was carefully rolled and fastened at the sides. The maid, Jianjia, looked at Gu Shengyin’s face that was gradually blooming4 and held her breath.

Even if she grew up with the Young Lady, she couldn’t help but blush every time she saw the Young Lady’ lazy  appearance in the morning.

Not overlooking the envy in the maid’s eyes, Gu Shengyin thought to herself that this Liang Chenyu was estimated to have an elegant appearance. (没有忽略侍女惊.艳的眼神,顾盛因心想着估计这梁宸玉,也长了一副不俗的容貌)

Sure enough, although she was still young in age, the delicate and beautiful face of the girl who appeared in the mirror had just begun to bloom enough to see how beautiful her appearance in the future would be. (果然,出现在镜子里的女孩子,虽然年纪尚幼,然而那张精致华美的面容已经开始长开,足以看出日后绝色之姿)

Was Qin Yuanzheng blind? How could he leave such a beauty like this alone?

After the maid had finished tidying up her appearance, Gu Shengyin went to pay respects to her elders just like how she did every day in the past.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, jiamintranslation.com.

Taifu fu‘s Lao tai, also known as Liang Chenyu’s paternal grandmother and Eldest Princess Ronghua, was considered to be a senior in the clan. She was the current Emperor’s closely blood-related paternal grandaunt and was also close friends with Lao Zhenbei Wangfei back in the past. (太傅府的老太君,也就是梁宸玉的祖母,荣华大长公主,论辈分,是今上嫡亲的姑祖母,和老镇北王妃,当年也是极好的手帕交)

“Grandma’s Yu’er, you have finally come.” Eldest Princess Ronghua was nearly 60 years old and had taken excellent care of her health. Her fine black hair, with not one bit of white hair, was carefully rolled up into a bun and decorated with dove egg-shaped ruby head ornaments in different sizes, manifesting a respectable appearance. (祖母的玉儿,你可算来了。”荣华大长公主年近六十,保养得极好,一头看不到半点白发的青丝一丝不苟的挽成发髻,一套鸽子蛋大小的红宝石头面,足足彰显尊贵)

Eldest Princess Ronghua had numerous grandchildren but only had three granddaughters. Out of the three, only Liang Chenyu, was the most favored. (荣华大长公主孙辈众多,单单嫡孙女,就有三个,唯有梁宸玉,最得她的欢心)

Gu Shengyin blinked and took advantage of cuddling into her grandmother’s embrace like a spoiled child: “Today, isn’t Yu’er the first one to pay respects to grandma?”

Eldest Princess Ronghua laughed: “Yes, yes. Grandma’s Yu’er is the most filial.”

This was heard by the Second Young Lady, Liang Jinyu, who just came in. She covered her mouth and smiled: “Grandmother, you have so many Yu’ers, which Yu’er is the most filial?”

Eldest Princess Ronghua was truly amused this time: “Your mouth is so poor. My Yu’ers are all the most filial.”

In fact, everyone all knew that the Yu’er in Eldest Princess’ mouth was only Liang Chenyu.

Liang Chenyu was the eldest granddaughter of Taifu fu. When she was born, she was named Chenyu and everyone in the family called her Yu’er as her nickname. It wasn’t until the Second Young Lady, Jinyu, was born that everyone remembered that this generation’s granddaughters all had the character ‘yu5‘. Could it be that all would be called Yu’er? (梁宸玉在太傅府孙女辈中是最大的一个,出生的时候取名宸玉,家里人都习惯的喊她小名玉儿. 直到府里的二小姐瑾玉出生,大家才想起来,这一辈的孙女乃是玉字辈,难道各个都叫玉儿?)

After some discussion, it was ultimately decided that Yu’er was Liang Chenyu’s exclusive name. The rest of the granddaughters would be called by the second character in their name. Second Young Lady Liang Jinyu was called Jin’er and Fourth Young Lady Liang Linyu was changed to Lin’er.

As for the concubine-born daughters, they were not ranked in the family. (至于其他的庶女们,却是不按这个辈分排的)

From this, the extent the family favored Liang Chenyu could be seen. (由此也可以看出梁宸玉在家中的受.宠.程度)

JMin’s Corner:

Had less work this week = more time to translate \o/

Ari’s Corner:

1. I’m guessing it refers to the year of a dynasty/era

2. younger female cousin

3. older male cousin

4. raws used opening up, but i used blooming, as in a blooming flower. basically describing how her appearance is slowly becoming a mature woman’s appearance

5. character for jade; 玉

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