HAWRR Chapter 314 (unedited)

Cold and Elite #1 School Beauty VS Warm and Gentle #2 School Beauty (Final)

“Leave First University, leave the capital, leave this country forever. Do not appear before my eyes, ” Gu Shengyin stated her condition one word at a time.

This was what she had thought of since the beginning. In the original story line, Sheng Lu was also emotionally hurt, left this place where she grew up since childhood alone, and never returned.

She, Qi Shishi, should also experience this feeling.

Qi Shishi’s face turned pale. What did Sheng Lu mean by this? Let her leave this place where she grew up and go to a completely unfamiliar country?

“Why?” She was puzzled. Why did she make this kind of request?

“You don’t need to ask why. You just need to know that doing as I say will make it even between us.” Gu Shengyin said as she used a spoon to gently stir her drink. (你不用问为什么?你只需要知道,你按照我说的做了,咱们之间一了百了。”顾盛因轻轻的用勺子搅动着杯中的饮料,开口说道)

Qi Shishi understood her meaning. If she did not do as she was told, Sheng Lu’s unfinished words, she did not want to imagine them.

“Can you give me some time?” She only had a small request.

Gu Shengyin nodded: “One month.”

Qi Shishi was silent for a moment before suddenly raising her head and looking at Gu Shengyin: “This kind of you, does senior Lu know?”

If he knew that his girlfriend wasn’t as down-to-earth and clean as she appeared on the surface, would he still love you? (如果他知道自己的女朋友并不是表面上看起来的那么目无下尘,秉性高洁,还会对你这么一如既往的爱慕吗)

Gu Shengyin laughed softly and said proudly: “You do not understand him nor me. Nothing and no one can break the two of us apart.” (顾盛因轻轻的笑了,语气之中满是傲然:“你不懂他,也不懂我。我们两个,是没有任何人,任何事物,能够拆开的)

When she said this, emotions flashed in her eyes. (她说这话的时候,眼神之中闪动的东西叫人动容)

Until Gu Shengyin got up and left, she still sat there, not coming to her senses until after a long time.

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Qi Shishi’s actions were very fast; Qi jia was also regarded as a wealthy family. Dropping out of school midway was not too difficult for them.

Although Qi father and mother did not understand their daughter’s insistence on studying abroad to pursue her studies, Qi Shishi got through them and let them feel at reassured, so they complied with her wishes. (对于女儿坚持说要出国深造,齐家父母虽然不理解,但是齐诗诗一贯让他们放心,也就随了她的意)

Within a month, Qi Shishi had gone through all the procedures, and without letting anyone know, she had left the land where she was born under the eyes of her parents.

By the time Yuan Chen finally remembered this ex-girlfriend, he discovered that she had already disappeared quietly. No on knew where she had gone to.

Gu Shengyin could care less when she learned about Qi Shishi’s going abroad feeling remorse, regret, or objection. (顾盛因才不会管他得知齐诗诗出国的消息,心里是悔恨遗憾还是不以为然)

“That day, Qi Shishi asked if you are aware that I’m not as cold and proud as I appear on the surface, and is contrarily scheming. Would you feel deceived?” Gu Shengyin leaned lazily in Lu Zhangting’s in arms and said indifferently. (那天齐诗诗问我,如果你知道我并不像表面上看来这么清冷孤傲,相反也会耍些小心机,会不会觉得被欺骗了?”顾盛因懒洋洋的依靠在陆长霆的怀中,漫不经心的说道)

In front of them was a very large floor-to-ceiling window. The night view of the entire city was reflected in their eyes. (两人面前是一扇巨大的落地窗,整座城市的夜景倒映在他们的眼中)

Lu Zhangting held the person in his arms more tightly: “Of course not. Our Lulu is my most favorite regardless of appearance.” 

Gu Shengyin patted him: “Smooth talker.”

Lu Zhangting laughed: “I’m telling the truth. You being able to understand some people’s hearts and knowing how to protect yourself would make me be more at ease.” Otherwise, if he was not by her side, he would worry about whether his little girlfriend would be hurt by others who had ulterior motives. (我说的是真的。你能懂些人心,懂得保护自己,我反倒更加放心。”不然的话,他不再身边,反倒要担心自己的小女友会不会被别有用心的人给伤害)

Gu Shengyin did not speak and relaxed herself, nestling against that man with all her heart. In fact, she already knew her lover’s answer, wasn’t that right?

No matter what you look like, no matter who you are.

Life after life, I only want you.

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    1. Guess you’ve forgotten quite a bit. While it did take a few arcs to get mentioned, it has been mentioned they’ve had kids several times. At very least I do remember the Actress and Piano Girl arc specifically mentioned their kids.

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  1. I don’t think I like this MC in this arc. I understand she went through heartbreak but does it mean that it’s QSS’s fault for her ineptitude in overcoming it? Her being single her whole life was her choice. Her being hurt her whole life was her choice. She let her circumstances lead her around. Being single in itself is not a bad thing. Being trapped in the past is. She could’ve moved on but she didn’t. Instead, she retaliated because she became single her whole life? Like, come on! I didn’t like what QSS did. It was wrong no matter the reason. But QSS had realized her wrongs. She woke up. But what did our MC did? She wanted QSS to leave behind everyone she loved and go to another country and never return because that’s what happened to her in OStory. Dear MC, you are not a soft bun. True. But being such a person is also not good. The MC does not have any right to give such an unreasonable demand to avenge the original host’s inability to cope and inability to move on.

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  2. What the hell??? All the girl did was get the guy in the previous life. She did nothing but take the dude, yeah she did bully her that one time with the holding hand and stuff but I bet QSS had no clue of her sickness and for that the MC did all this to her just of that???!!!! What the MC did is not at all like a protag. but more like a villain, I get she want retribution but this is like over-kill for what the original MC herself decided (to be single and not move on). The previous MC lacked confidence and that is not QSS’s fault that’s her own fault. I have a hard problem talking to people, I don’t blame the people around me, I know its something I need to get through by myself or have the courage to ask for help. I am not going to blame anyone for it.


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