HAWRR Chapter 310 (unedited)

Cold and Elite #1 School Beauty VS Warm and Gentle #2 School Beauty (23)

The performance this time not only did it not suppress Sheng Lu as Qi Shishi’s desired, but it let her into the limelight. (这一次的汇演,不仅没有如齐诗诗所愿,将盛露打压,反而是让她大大的出了一把风头)

Sheng Lu and Lu Zhangting also took this opportunity to let everyone know of their relationship. The two people were known to be the most well-matched couple in First University.

Qi Shishi never bothered Gu Shengyin again.

“She…has figured it out?” Gu Shengyin looked at the hostility value that had dropped by a large portion, wondering. (她这是……想通了?”顾盛因看着齐诗诗对自己的仇恨值居然莫名其妙降了一大截,思忖道)

System responded: “Maybe it is because she felt that the host won’t grab her boyfriend.”

Gu Shengyin said lazily: “Because she was worried that I would grab the person she liked, it resulted in her using various small tricks. Now that she is certain that I will not be a threat to her, did she think that we can live together in harmony? Now she is not against me, but I am not a soft bun.” (顾盛因懒洋洋的说道:“因为担心我抢了她喜欢的人,所以对我用各种小手段。现在确定我不会对她造成威胁,难道就觉得我们可以相安无事了?现在她不针对我了,我却不是那么包子的人)

Gu Shengyin was waiting, waiting for an opportunity to retaliate against Qi Shishi.

She now had many good relationships with people in First University and even joined one or two clubs.

One year later, when Lu Zhangting and Sheng Lu’s feelings grew deeper, Gu Shengyin finally received the news that she wanted.

Yuan Chen had feelings for Qi Shishi. (袁琛对齐诗诗动心了)

Additionally, as the saying went: women chasing men, separated by cotton1, but Yuan Chen was evidently a stone that was very difficult to warm up. (也是,俗话说女追男隔层纱,但是袁琛显然是块很难捂热的石头)

However, no matter how cold and hard a stone is, confronted by the unremitting pursuit  of a woman with such conditions and excellence like Qi Shishi’s for a long period of time, it was estimated to also be emotionally moved. (但是,再怎么又冷又硬的石头,面对着齐诗诗这样一个条件优秀的女孩子这么长时间的不懈追求,估计也会动容的)

Moreover, the people around Yuan Chen could not continue watching it. One after another, they persuaded Yuan Chen saying that such a good girl who treated him with her heart and soul should be cherished. (更何况,就连袁琛身边的人也看不下去了,纷纷劝说袁琛,说能有这么一个掏心掏肺对你好的女孩子,要懂得珍惜)

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The day after Yuan Chen and Qi Shishi got together, anonymous information was sent to Yuan Chen’s mailbox.

Inside contained information on some things that Qi Shishi had done secretly. This included speaking malicious words by accident to Sheng Lu on some occasions, giving a sum of money to beggars to have them ruin Sheng Lu’s reputation, learning about Sheng Lu’s fear of physical contact from strangers and approaching her…And during the recent time for the Literature and Art performance, she added Sheng Lu’s name which wasn’t originally there. (里面有齐诗诗暗地里做过的一些事情,包括在一些场合状似不经意的说盛露的坏话;给一大笔钱给乞丐,让人家帮忙败坏盛露的名声;得知盛露恐惧陌生人触碰,可以去接近她……还有最近的一次,文艺汇演上面,她动了手脚把原本没有的盛露的名字添了上去)

It was absolutely not the usual gentle and kind-hearted Qi Shishi.

Yuan Chen was furious when he saw it. He directly called Qi Shishi to come over and threw these papers in front of her.

“Look at what you have done!” Yuan Chen felt he was deceived.

Qi Shishi did not understand, so she picked up the stack of materials and glanced at it, her heart beating. (齐诗诗不明所以的拿起那叠资料,只看了两眼,心里就是一个咯噔)

Yuan Chen continued staring at her: “Don’t you think you should give me an explanation?”

Qi Shishi’s mind stirred and tears tumbled down from her eyes: “You act like I was willing? I admit that I did these things.” (齐诗诗心思一动,眼眶之中泪水已经滚落了下来:“你当我愿意?我承认呢这些事情是我做的)

Her emotions were suddenly agitated and regardless of the tears and makeup on her face, she looked straight at Yuan Chen. (她情绪突然就激动了起来,不顾脸上泪水花了妆,直视着袁琛)

“But who did I do these things for?”

“Every night I say sorry to Sheng Lu. Do you know how much I suffered in my heart?”

“I obviously liked you at an earlier time, but your eyes only have her…”

“Yuan Chen, it’s you who let me become who I am now!”

Yuan Chen never expected him to ask questions and receive this kind of response from Qi Shishi. (袁琛万万没想到,自己一番质问,居然得到了齐诗诗这么一番回应)

After Qi Shishi vented her emotions, she looked at Yuan Chen and ran out while covering her face.

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Happy New Year’s everyone!

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1. very easy for girls to chase guys

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  1. In one hand, the girl really can’t admit her wrong doing. But in the other hand, it’s quite true that it’s his fault. He knew that she likes him, chasing him, he didn’t reprimand her. In fact he let her think that she got a chance with him. So I think both of them are at fault. Idiots!

    And happy New year!! Thank you for the new chapter!

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  2. Thank you so much 😊 I just got off from work so I’m thrilled that you guys updated it. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to this novel and happy new year to you guys as well 😘

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