HAWRR Chapter 296 (unedited)

Cold and Elite #1 School Beauty VS Warm and Gentle #2 School Beauty (9)

Lu Zhangting quietly sat in front of the hospital bed and looked at the girl lying on the bed.

Her ruddy face was now pale. Her originally captivating red lips were bloodless. Lu Zhangting couldn’t help but recall the girl he saw in the hot pot restaurant a few days ago, so lively and full of life. (她红润的脸蛋此时只剩下苍白,平日里嫣红的双唇更是毫无血色,陆长霆不由得想起了前些日子在火锅店里面看到的女孩子,那么鲜活,那么生气满满)

After the doctor’s examination results came out, it showed that the patient’s body had no problems. Gu Shengyin’s situation resembled a serious psychological trauma. This time, she might have been stimulated, somehow causing the patient to react. (医生的检查结果出来,病人身体没有任何问题,顾盛因这样的情况,很像是以前遭受过严重的心理创伤,这次可能是遭受过了什么刺激,让病人产生了不好的联想)

The doctor left and Lu Zhangting kept watch over Gu Shengyin.

If he previously thought that he was only interested in Gu Shengyin, then when he saw Gu Shengyin lying on the ground, the pain and fear that filled his heart let Lu Zhangting understand that his heart was clearly tempted by her. (如果说先前他觉得自己对顾盛因只是产生了兴趣,那么在看到顾盛因躺在地上的那一刻,他心中汹涌而来的痛苦和害怕让陆长霆明白,自己分明是动心了)

Not only was he tempted by her, his feelings were deeply rooted.

Very wonderful, being acquainted with each other in such a short period of time, to have deeply rooted feelings for a girl who he had met only several times. If it were anyone else, they would think of it as something inconceivable, but Lu Zhangting did not think anything was wrong with it. (很奇妙的,对于一个认识时间这么短,总共见了不过几面的女孩子情根深种,任是放在谁身上都觉得不可思议的事情,偏偏陆长霆一点儿也不觉得哪里不对)

As if him being tempted by Gu Shengyin was normal.

Lu Zhangting recalled his close friend’s, Liang Zimu’s, expressions always had when he mumbled something about the previous life, the current life, and so on. 陆长霆脑海之中想起了自己那个喜欢一些神神秘秘东西的发小梁梓慕总爱嘟囔些什么前世今生之类的话

Originally, he never took it into heart. Now that he thought about it, maybe he had fate with this girl from their previous life. What about this life? Otherwise, he would not be attracted to her with a glance. (原本他从来都不放在心上,现在想想,说不定他和这个女孩子,就是前世的缘分,今生延续呢)

When Gu Shengyin woke up, a trace of light from the setting sun squeezed through the curtains was spread out, just falling on the man in front of the hospital bed adding a gentle color to his handsome face. (顾盛因醒过来的时候,正好落日的余晖透过被拉开了一丝缝隙的窗帘挤了进来,正好落在病床前的男人身上,为他清俊的容颜上更添上了一分柔和的色彩)

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“You woke up?” Lu Zhangting appeared to be very happy. Seeing that Gu Shengyin was sitting up, he got up to pour a cup of warm water for her.

“Here is the hospital?” Gu Shengyin did not think Sheng Lu’s body reaction would unexpectedly be so great, but she was still very satisfied with this result.

“En, earlier you suddenly fainted. I was passing by and brought you here.” Lu Zhangting attentively looked at Gu Shengyin’s expression. (嗯,之前你突然晕了过去,我正好路过,就把你送到了这里。”陆长霆仔细的看着顾盛因的神色)

As expected, he clearly saw a trace of pain on Gu Shengyin’s face, but she quickly restored her calmness.

“Thank you, senior Lu.” Gu Shengyin said.

Lu Zhangting considerately did not continue asking and shifted the topic: “I didn’t see a cell phone on you, so I didn’t contact your family.” 

Gu Shengyin said in a relaxed manner: “No need to inform them about such a trivial matter. Don’t let them get worried.” (顾盛因松了口气:“不用告诉他们,这么点小事,还是不要让他们担心了)

Lu Zhangting did not speak.

“Senior, I don’t have any problems so I don’t have to stay here.” Gu Shengyin did not like the hospital one bit.

The doctor also said that this was her own psychological problem. It was really unnecessary to stay in the hospital so Lu Zhangting nodded his head.

Exiting out of the hospital, Gu Shengyin said that she would like to invite Lu Zhangting out for a meal.

“Senior, don’t refuse me. Just treat it as a thank you for taking care of me today.” Gu Shengyin said. (学长可不要拒绝我,就当做你照顾了我一天的谢礼。”顾盛因说道)

Lu Zhangting originally did not intend to decline, but when Gu Shengyin chose the Imperial capital’s Michelin restaurant, he shook his head.

“How about going to the hot pot restaurant from last time?” Lu Zhangting said.

Gu Shengyin was surprised: “Senior also like to eat hot pot?”

Lu Zhangting laughed but did not say anything.

It’s merely because that is where I met you for the first time.

Moreover, the way you looked from the spiciness was very cute. (而且,你被辣到的样子,很可爱)

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On the other hand, there’s been a series of earthquakes that happened here in the Bay Area. Gotta do some shopping to prepare for my family’s emergency kit. Those who also live in the Bay Area should also prepare if you haven’t already done so~

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