HAWRR Chapter 294 (unedited)

Cold and Elite #1 School Beauty VS Warm and Gentle #2 School Beauty (7)

Gu Shengyin was not aware of a certain man becoming jealous because of her and did not know that Yuan Chen was feeling very tangled.

She looked at Qi Shishi trying to find her and raised an eyebrow.

It seemed that Qi Shishi was unable to remain calm?

She also liked Yuan Chen. Watching her and Yuan Chen become more and more familiar during these past few days, how could there be no sense of crisis in her heart?

Speaking of this, two freshmen in the Foreign Language department were famous for their beauty at the same time. No need to mention that there was a natural sense of repulsion between Sheng Lu and Qi Shishi, but even their relationship was also not good. (说起来,两个人同时外语系的新生,又都是出了名的美女,盛露和齐诗诗不说有种美女之间天然的相斥感,但是关系也好不到哪里去)

In particular with Sheng Lu’s temper, the two of them never had any intersection.

“What are you looking for me for?” Gu Shengyin looked at Qi Shishi with some confusion.

Qi Shishi looked at the other person with jealousy. Even if she was always conceited because of her appearance, she had to admit that when it came to appearances, she was really not better than Sheng Lu. (齐诗诗有些嫉妒的看着对方,哪怕她向来以容貌自负,也不得不承认,论起容貌,自己真的比不过盛露)

Sheng Lu’s beauty was the bright, dazzling type, like the strong-colored oil paintings, seizing the limelight from others with a high profile. (盛露的美,是那种明晃晃的,就像是一副色泽浓烈的油画,高调的夺尽旁人的风头)

Thinking of what she wanted to do next, Qi Shishi actually felt somewhat apologetic in her heart, but when she thought about Yuan Chen, she thought from the bottom of her heart: I’m sorry, Sheng Lu. In any case, your family conditions is very good and you look so beautiful. Even without Yuan Chen, you can find a better man. (想到自己接下来要做的事情,齐诗诗心里其实有些歉疚,可是想到袁琛,她狠下心:对不起了盛露,反正你家里条件那么好,长得又那么漂亮,没有袁琛,你也能找到更好的男人)

She smiled: “It’s nothing important. It’s just that you, this beautiful woman, must not be absent from our cultural performance of our Foreign Language department.

That’s right, Qi Shishi was also a member of the Literature and Art department of the Foreign Language Student Union. (对了,齐诗诗还是外语系学生会的文艺部成员)

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Gu Shengyin wrinkled her eyebrows: “I am not interested.” Whether it was Gu Shengyin or Sheng Lu, they were not interested in participating in this kind of activity.

Qi Shishi had already anticipated that she would not agree. Hearing such a blunt rejection from her, she was pleased in her heart, but she said: “Ai ya, Sheng Lu. You are also said to be our great school beauty. Everyone is looking forward to your participation.” (齐诗诗早就料到她不会答应,听到她这么直白的拒绝,心中一喜,嘴里却是说道:“哎呀盛露,怎么说你也是我们的大校花,大家都好期待你参加的)

She said that and came up to pull Gu Shengyin’s arm, as if she was familiar with her. (她说着说着,竟然就这么自来熟的上来挽住了顾盛因的胳膊)

Gu Shengyin was waiting for this.

She naturally remembered that in the original plot, Qi Shishi relied on this trick to let Yuan Chen’s heart to completely die towards Sheng Lu.

Sheng Lu didn’t like having physical contact with others. There were very few people who was aware of this. It was not clear where Qi Shishi inquired about this information, but she meticulously planned this scene.

What did the original Sheng Lu do? She directly pushed Qi Shishi. Qi Shishi fell very miserably and aroused the attention of many students.

What they saw was Qi Shishi coming close to express intimacy. As a result, Sheng Lu pushed the other person away without any feelings. Not only that, she did not have the slightest intention to apologize. After pushing the person on the ground, she directly left taking large strides. (他们看到的情形是,齐诗诗上前表示亲近,结果盛露毫不领情的将人一把推开,不但如此,她还丝毫没有道歉的意思,将人推在地上之后就直接大步离开了)

Sheng Lu received criticism from almost everyone.

In fact, no one knew that when Sheng Lu pushed Qi Shishi away, there was barely any use of strength. How Qi Shishi was able to fall down, only she would know.

Additionally, no one knew that Sheng Lu’s hurried departure was actually because of feeling uncomfortable.  She was not willing to lose face in front of everyone. She endured her discomfort until she arrived in the restroom where her entire body softened down. (也没有人知道,盛露那么匆匆离开其实是因为难受,她不愿意在众人面前丢人,硬撑着到了洗手间,才整个人软倒了下来)

How could someone from Shengjia not offend people? When Sheng Lu was a child, she was kidnapped. Those frenzied people tortured a 5 year old girl for two days.

No one knew what Sheng Lu experienced. They were only aware that the benevolent Grandpa Sheng had been extremely furious. That year,  四九城 city experienced a reign of terror. Several great families were purged, uprooted, and never had a chance to change their fate. (没有人知道盛露究竟遭遇了什么,只知道,一向与人为善的盛老爷子,那一次勃然大怒,那一年的四九城腥风血雨,好几个家族都受到了清洗,被人连根拔起,再没有翻身的可能)

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Sheng Lu’s secret dark history.

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