HAWRR Chapter 291 (Unedited)

Cold and Elite #1 School Beauty VS Warm and Gentle #2 School Beauty (4)

The beggar hadn’t expected that the other person would say such a thing, and was stunned.

However, he immediately remembered how that person had promised him an award, and spat on the ground: “If you are selfish and unsympathetic, then just directly admit it. Trying to argue with me, I see it now, you may look beautiful, but you’re just……”

His words were interrupted by a cold voice: “Just what? I want to say that this xue mei‘s1 temperament is really good. If I met someone like you, who had such intentions, I would have already called the police.” (他的话被一个微凉的声音打断:“也不过什么?要我说,这位学妹性格是真好,如果我遇到你这么一个四肢健全意图当街图谋不轨的人,早就打电话报警了)

Lu Zhangting walked up from behind.

Gu Shengyin looked at him surprisingly, xue mei? Is this person also in First university? (顾盛因有些意外的看着他,学妹?这人莫非也是第一大学的)

Seeing the obvious doubt in Gu Shengyin’s eyes, Lu Zhangting felt helpless in his heart. It seemed that this xue mei was really as rumored, eyes have no dust, and it was not his narcissism. Lu Zhangting couldn’t say that everyone in the first university knew him. In any case, he was considered to be somewhat famous, but she actually didn’t recognize him. (看到顾盛因眼里明明白白的疑惑,陆长霆心中无奈,看来这位学妹,还真的是如传闻中的一样目无下尘,不是他自恋,陆长霆在第一大学不说众人皆知,好歹也算得上小有名气,她居然完全不认得自己)

Although he looked at him with a smile, the beggar felt that this young man’s gaze was somewhat horrifying. (那乞丐只觉得这年轻男人虽然看着在笑,但看着自己的眼神却有些渗人)

He stubbornly defended: “What breaking the law? Don’t make irresponsible remarks!” (他强撑着说道:“什么图谋不轨,你不要乱说)

Lu Zhangting ignored him, took out his cell phone, and dialed a number: “Hello, is this the police? I met a healthy, robust man. He had the intention of pulling my xue mei‘s dress. Yes, it’s very likely he has psychological issues. Address ah, it’s…” (陆长霆却不理他,直接拿出手机拨了一个号码:“喂,请问是警察么?我遇到了一个四肢健全的成年男人,他意图拽下我学妹的裙子,对,很可能是心理有问题,地址啊,在…)

When the beggar saw that he actually make a phone call, he was somewhat panicked. On top of that, he originally had a sinister plot in his mind. After thinking about it, he thought it would be better to leave. (那乞丐见到他竟然真的打电话,就有些慌了,加上自己本来心理就有鬼,思索了一下,决定还是离开为好)

“Consider you guys difficult to deal with. Today, I will be at odds against you guys!” (算你们厉害,今天我就不和你们一般见识)

He stood up from the ground at lightning speed and slipped away leaving dust behind. (他飞快的从地上起来,一溜烟的离开了)

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Gu Shengyin looked at the man curiously: “Did you really call?”

The man showed her his phone. The screen was not even on: “Of course I deceived to him.”

The two looked at each other and laughed.

Gu Shengyin recalled: “Are you also in First University?” (顾盛因这才想起来:“你也是第一大学的么)

Seeing that she truly had no impression of him, Lu Zhangting had to introduce himself: “Lu Zhangting, 长风万里,雷霆万钧。First University’s finance department.” (看着她真的是对自己没有半点印象,陆长霆只好自我介绍:“陆长霆,长风万里,雷霆万钧。第一大学金融系大二学生)

Gu Shengyin nodded: “Hello, Senior Lu, I am…”

“Foreign language department’s freshman, Sheng Lu.” Lu Zhangting smiled as he continued her sentence.

“Does Senior know me?”

Lu Zhangting blinked: “Sheng Lu xue mei, you underestimate your charm too much. Out of the entire First University, there are certainly few who would not recognize you.” (陆长霆眨眨眼:“盛露学妹你太小看自己的魅力了,整个第一大学,不认识你的男生,肯定没有几个)

The two laughed at the same time and chatted while walking towards the school.

Shortly after they left, a boy in casual clothes appeared where they had been.

Recalling the serious words that Sheng Lu used to lecture the beggar, the corner of his mouth couldn’t help but turn into a smile.

After that, he also walked towards the direction of First University.

Lu Zhangting accidentally discovered that he actually had a congenial chat with a xue mei, who he got acquainted with for an hour. (陆长霆意外的发现,自己居然和这个相识不过短短一个小时的学妹聊得这么投机)

Both of them conversed like they were old friends who had known each other for years.

Gu Shengyin was also surprised by Lu Zhangting’s extensive knowledge. When they arrived at school and Gu Shengyin said good bye to him, he unexpectedly felt reluctant to part. (顾盛因所涉猎的知识面之广泛也让陆长霆惊讶,直到进了学校,顾盛因同他告别的时候,他居然有些恋恋不舍)

He still thought in his mind whether he should find an excuse to get Sheng Lu’s contact information, but thinking that it was their first time meeting, it would seem too frivolous. He just shook his head and watched her leave. (他脑海中还在想,要不要找个借口要到盛露的联系方式,仔细想想才第一次见过,这样好像显得太轻浮了一点,只得摇了摇头,看着她离开)

JMin’s Corner:

I tried , guys…I tried… ;-;

left some terms in chinese cuz i felt it sounded and flowed better QxQ

Ari’s Corner:

1. younger female student at same school

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