HAWRR Chapter 290 (Unedited)

Cold and Elite #1 School Beauty VS Warm and Gentle #2 School Beauty (3)

Gu Shengyin pulled out a tissue to wipe her tears, drank all the water in her cup, and started shouting to the waiter for iced water.

She heard a man’s deep voice next to her: “It’s not good for the stomach to drink something cold right now.”

Then, a glass of water was handed over.

Gu Shengyin looked at the man and whispered a ‘thank you’.

After another cup of water went down, Gu Shengyin felt that fiery burn from the spice ease a bit.

She sized up that man sitting nearby wearing a spotless white shirt and a silver watch on his hand. Gu Shengyin looked at it subconsciously; the brand was Patek Philippe.

Gu Shengyin had never seen a man who could look so handsome wearing a white shirt. His refined eyebrows were just perfect. The combination of his five facial features was elegant and beautiful, just like how it was written in historical fiction, a youthful beauty like jade, like a warm scholar.

In terms of age, he should be in his early twenties and could be guessed to be a wealthy young master big brother.

But this person is also quite strange to be wearing a white shirt to eat hot pot. Gu Shengyin secretly thought, before brushing it off.

After eating dinner, Gu Shengyin glanced at the time and walked slowly towards the school.

It was still early, so she just went for a walk to help digest the food.

Lu Zhangting did not know why he was following this girl. Perhaps he was attracted to the difference in her appearance with the rumors?

He came to this hot pot restaurant merely because he had an appointment with a bad friend. That guy insisted on meeting here. As a result, that guy made a phone call a moment ago telling him that something came up and told him to eat causally. (他来这家火锅店只是因为和一个损友有约,那家伙坚持将地方定在这里,结果刚刚偏偏一个电话打过来,说临时有事来不了,让他自己随便吃点)

Lu Zhangting practically hung up the phone sneering. Very good. You can let me wait here hanging for an hour and finally let me go so frankly like a pigeon. (陆长霆几乎是带着冷笑挂断了电话,很好,你可以的,让我在里面空等了快一个小时,最后这么爽快的放我鸽子)

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When he paid the bill, he saw Gu Shengyin walking in front of him. He also had class in the afternoon, so Lu Zhangting followed behind her slowly.

When Gu Shengyin was crossing an underpass, her dress was nearly grabbed by a person.

She retreated two steps backwards and looked towards the hand.

The palm was rough and dusty. There was also a thick layer of black dirt in the fingernails.

He was a beggar.

“Kind person, have pity on me, this homeless wanderer…” That beggar saw Gu Shengyin looking at him and put more effort begging. (好心人,可怜一下我这个无家可归的流浪者吧……”那乞丐见到顾盛因看着自己,更加卖力的开口呻.吟)

Gu Shengyin set her eyes on him. This beggar was indeed a beggar, but stopping her, Gu Shengyin, was not at all an accident. (顾盛因定定的看着他,这个乞丐,确实是一个真乞丐,然而今天拦住她顾盛因,却并不是一个偶然)

Presumably, at this moment, Yuan Chen was not far from this place.

In the original plot, Sheng Lu’s dress was directly caught by the beggar. She was startled and did everything she could to throw him off. Who would have imagined that the beggar unexpectedly took advantage of her and extort tens of thousand of cash. (原剧情里面,就是盛露直接被乞丐抓住了裙角,她受惊之下奋力的挣脱出去,哪知那乞丐居然顺势就摔倒讹诈她几万块钱)

It was certainly impossible for Sheng Lu to eat this loss. At that time, she directly and coldly refused. She disdained arguing with this kind of small person and called for her bodyguard to come settle this matter. (盛露当然不可能吃这个亏,当时就气愤不已,直接就冷声拒绝,她不屑和这样的小人争论,直接打电话叫了自家的保镖出来摆平此事)

Although she didn’t suffer from any losses, this kind of Sheng Lu was revealed to the public’s eyes. Moreover, she was seen as arrogant and domineering in Yuan Chen’s eyes.

Honestly, Gu Shengyin didn’t think that the girl was doing something wrong. However, she was going to change the method.

She looked at the beggar condescendingly: “You have healthy hands and legs, no diseases, nor disaster. Why do you have to be a useless person whose dignity is trampled on the soles of people’s feet? Clean yourself up. You can go out to find a job and support yourself. Is it that hard?” (她居高临下的看着乞丐:“你四肢健全,无病无灾,何必做一个整日将尊严踩在脚底下的废人,将自己收拾的干净体面一点,随便出去找个卖力气的工作,靠自己养活自己,很难么)

JMin’s Corner:

So I searched up the prices of that brand for watches and boy are they pricy XD

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Edit: Until Ari has free time again, updates will be slow

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9 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 290 (Unedited)”

  1. It’s great that she’s such an amazing doctor that without even the barest examination she can thoroughly diagnose this guy as being perfectly healthy and able to work. /sarcasm

    Seriously, this kind of attitude is such bullshit. There are many, many kinds of invisible disabilities ranging from the physical to the mental that are nevertheless severe enough to make it difficult or impossible to work, especially if combined with poor education and lack of workplace accommodation.


    1. I agree. Ppl can’t see my disability but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. You never know how much someone’s struggling to get by which is why this kind of attitude is so infuriating. But then again, the original body was almost extorted and the beggar isn’t a very nice person lol.


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