HAWRR Chapter 60

Chapter 60 – Aristocratic Daughter VS Reborn Adopted Daughter (28)

The marriage between Cheng Corporation and Yuan Corporation had become the hottest topic in Hua City.

Of course, even if they were not insiders, the media would catch wind of it early next morning, but the two families  had very strict confidentiality.

Until the wedding ceremony was held, the media still hadn’t successfully sneaked into the site.

Yuan Xu and Cheng Xizhi were witnessed exchanging rings by all the people sitting below.

“Xixi, I am really happy. I finally waited until this day.” Their two foreheads touched as Yuan Xu spoke softly to Gu Shengyin.

Gu Shengyin blinked: “Dear, I am also very happy.”

Yuan Hang watched the well matched bride and groom. The affection and happiness that flowed between them could be seen by everyone.

Suddenly, he felt somewhat sour in his heart. He once loved a woman so sincerely that he fought against his family for her. He only wanted to marry her, but what happened?

Yuan Hang was somewhat absent-minded when he suddenly discovered that Cheng Yiru’s face was actually blurred in his memory.

Nothing, Yuan Hang thought. Later, he would walk a different road and take on a new principle. He would accept the family’s arrangement for him, marry a woman with a decent background, and then become a qualified husband and father.

Hua City International Airport.

Gu Shengyin saw the man who had waited for her to get off the plane for a while.

Yuan Xu reached out and held her hand, feeling somewhat dissatisfied: “How is it so cold?”

He said this on one side while wrapping his scarf around Gu Shengyin’s neck and stole a kiss from her mouth.

She glared at him, but she couldn’t stop herself from smiling.

“Ka cha!” A photo was taken secretly when the two were not paying attention.

Then, on the second day, Gu Shengyin woke up in bed complaining about a certain man’s lack of restraint. She received a call from her mother.

“Xixi, seeing you still so happy after many years, I feel relieved.” This was Mother Cheng’s voice.

“Xixi, although I know that you and my brother-in-law are very affectionate, it’s wrong to return as a tyrannical dog ah!” This was her second brother who was still a bachelor in his thirties, Cheng Qixuan. Cheng Qixuan had an artist’s style of behavior. There were always female companions, but he had never settled down with someone.

“Little aunt, shame, shame!” This was her eldest brother’s little princess, little friend Cheng Lingxi.

Gu Shengyin was wondering what was going on and walked to the living room only to hear the news being broadcast on TV.

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A photo of Yuan Xu and her kissing appeared on it!

Gu Shengyin’s face turned red. Apparently, the two were photographed at the airport yesterday.

No wonder her family said that to her.

She made a phone call to Yuan Xu and told him about this. Yuan Xu actually calmly said: “I kissed my own wife. What about it? Is that not allowed?”

Gu Shengyin: ….She was speechless.

Shaking her head, she also thought about it. What else was she supposed to believe?

“OMG, the president of Yuan Corporation and his wife are really affectionate.” Inside a shopping mall, several shopping guides were gossiping with one another. “The news said that they have been married for ten years! Look! This scarf wrapped around both of them and a deep affectionate kiss. It’s even more romantic than an idol drama!”

Next to a warehouse freighter pushing several large boxes was passing by. The few people quickly got out of the way.

She had two broken fingers on her hand.

Cheng Yiru listened to how many people were still talking about how happy the two people were. They did not stop working.

There were more than a dozen boxes, and they need to unload them before they could get off work.

She looked up at the LCD TV on the wall. On it, a man and a woman hugged each other affectionately. The emotions in their eyes were not concealed.

As if it were a lifetime ago.

Translator’s Corner:

Next chapter is a new world!! Everyone got stuffed with dog food. xP

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20 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 60”

    1. I felt good knowing she was left alive, like instead of covering up murder (because, let’s not forget it’s a crime). After his revenge they seperated themselves from her in a “none of my business what happens to you” way. I hope she learned from her mistakes. May they both live un peace (I love these endings).

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  1. They let the btch live? I thought ML would have tortured then killed her.

    Thank you for the chapter! I hope this is the end of the this arc because if there was more of this and turns out this arc has a BE then my heart can’t take it anymore 😭

    Although I am excited for the next arc, it felt like 5 or 8 arcs has passed but in reality it this is just GS’ 2nd arc.


  2. Shouldn’t it be brother-in-law not son-in-law?
    Im totally in love with this novel, this romance makes my heart warm. Im actually a bit suprised that cheng yiru is still alive, but I guess this is better, hope she learnt her lesson and becomes a better person.


  3. Just how boring is that city that a married couple kissing in public is actually newsworthy?

    I’m amazed she didn’t die. I wonder if that means that the mission isn’t complete yet.


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