HAWRR Chapter 49

Chapter 49 – Aristocratic Daughter VS Reborn Adopted Daughter (17)

After Cheng Zhensheng’s birthday, Cheng Xizhi’s reputation spread like fire throughout the upper circle of Hua City.

Many family wives intentionally probed Cheng Xizhi’s status when they were chatting with Mother Cheng. Hearing that she did not intend to go abroad again after returning home, they were all smiling from ear to ear. Then, they started introducing their sons or nephews.

Cheng Xizhi, this kind of young lady, had enough status and a beautiful appearance. As far as they were concerned, these two qualities were not hard to come by.

However, Cheng Xizhi was personally praised by De lao, and that alone, was something that others could not match.

For families in the business circle, they were rich enough. However, if they wanted to increase their reputation, the quickest way was to find a daughter-in-law who had a good reputation.

Mother Cheng smiled and responded to these people, but she kept her mouth tight.

Their family Xixi was only 17 years old!

Moreover, there was Yuan Jia who they had a marriage agreement with.

At this time, Mother Cheng wouldn’t have thought that there was a huge “surprise” waiting for her when she returned home.

“What are the meaning of these?” Mother Cheng did not dare to believe the images on the pictures placed on the tables and the silent eldest son.

Cheng Zhensheng also sat on the side with an ashen expression. His chest was moving up and down, clearly indicating that his anger was not light.

Second brother Cheng Qixuan opened his mouth and said: “Eldest brother and I went shopping and saw Yuan Hang, that guy, and Cheng Yiru together strolling in the shopping mall. They all grew up together. If it was like this, then nothing would have mattered. However, when the two were leaving, they left together. That was when we discovered that something was wrong.”

“These past two days, my eldest brother and I searched for a private detective secretly and had it checked it out. If we didn’t check, we wouldn’t have known about this. Yuan Hang and Cheng Yiru had originally been together for a long time!” The more Cheng Qixuan said, the more he got angry. Eventually, he just said Cheng Yiru, this full name.

(T/N: Calling someone by their full name indicates that they are not close/alienation.)

According to the date on this photo, Yuan Hang and Cheng Yiru already had feelings during the time when Cheng Xizhi was still abroad.

“Pa!” Cheng Zhensheng slammed his hand on the table and said towards his eldest son, “Order Cheng Yiru to return immediately.”

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, jiamintranslation.com.

Cheng Boxuan called Cheng Yiru.

Cheng Zhensheng frowned. “Do not let Xixi know about this matter.” How could he allow such a filthy thing to enter the ears of his beloved daughter.

“No, I am aware of this.” Gu Shengyin pushed open the door and came in.

She clung to Father Cheng who was still in a fit of anger. “Dad, I’m already this big, I am capable of making decisions on my affairs.”

Father Cheng looked carefully at Cheng Xizhi and found that his daughter had no traces of anger nor sadness on her face. He asked in a flabbergasted manner: “Xixi, are you all right?”

Gu Shengyin wrinkled her nose: “I can have what? I am not formally engaged to Yuan Hang. He is nothing more than a stranger. I don’t like him.”

She paused, and continued: “Not to mention, I already knew the things between him and my older sister.”

After she spoke, the other four people in the room were shocked.

After Mother Cheng recovered her mind, her daughter had already found out that her fiancée and older sister were having a secret affair. She, a person, secretly grieved and was not willing to tell her family. She could only bear this burden herself.

“My poor Xixi, you were really wronged.” Mother Cheng seemed to pull out a handkerchief to wipe her tears in the next second.

Gu Shengyin: ?

What did she say a moment ago? Where did she poke her mother and cause her mother to shed tears?

Translator’s Corner:

Finals are coming up, so there may be less chapters until after May 22.

Another cute family in this world~ 😉

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