HAWRR Chapter 10


Chapter 10 – General’s Young Lady vs. Transmigrated Illegitimate Younger Sister (9)

Meanwhile, a report from an investigation was placed in front of Ji Yu.

Ji Yu picked up the report about Gu Shengyin.

“So originally, she was called Jiang Lingzhen, Aunt Wencheng’s daughter.” Jiang Lingzhen, Ji Yu slightly opened his mouth and repeated the name several times.

Ever since he was “exiled” to Qianlong Temple, the Imperial clan members all couldn’t wait to hide from him. Princess Wencheng was one of the rare people who showed concern about him.

For this elder, Ji Yu was somewhat grateful.

“Huh?” Ji Yu noticed a string of words in front of him.

“An engagement with the Crown Prince since childhood?” Ji Yu couldn’t help but think of that woman he had talked and smiled with in the bamboo forest. To give her to Ji Ye, that type of guy, it was really a pity.

However, since he had made up his mind, this engagement was doomed not to exist.

Ji Yu, once again, held out a hand to pick up another report, this one pertaining Jiang Yunshan.

“An illegitimate daughter trying to seduce the legitimate older sister’s fiance?” Ji Yu clenched his hand. The report on Jiang Yunshan appeared to have been crushed by an invisible force.

“Since you want to climb the bed of my good second brother, I shall help you.” Ji Yu gave a meaningful smile.

Facing towards a hidden area, he clapped his hand and a black shadow appeared kneeling in front of Ji Yu.

“Do something for me…”

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Princess Wencheng returned from Qianlong Temple and went directly to the Great General’s house.

“There was such a thing?” Jiang general was shocked and angry. Regarding Yunshan, this daughter, he had no impression at all. Back in those days when he and Wencheng were in love with each other, Jiang Yunshan’s mother took advantage of him when he was drunk and climbed his bed. Afterwards, even though Princess Wencheng expressed that she was not bothered by it, he, nevertheless, felt that he owed his wife. For Jiang Yunshan, he really did not have any love for her.

“Rebellious daughter! I must punish her with the family law!” The general was furious.

(T/N: Inserting emoji for the general >> (╬⓪益⓪) )

“Wait a minute.” Princess Wencheng stopped the raging general. “Disciplining Jiang Yunshan is only a trivial matter. Our top priority now is to cancel Ah Zhen’s engagement with the Crown Prince. With Ah Zhen’s marriageable age coming soon, the Empress will send an imperial decree to confer the marriage and we’ll have no time to deal with it. I am not willing for Ah Zhen to be married off to a fiance who had improper relations with her Shu mei!”

“You’re right.” The general calmed down.

The married couple began to consider how to bring up this issue to the Imperial family.

They didn’t expect an Imperial summon to come when they had yet to come up with a solution.

“Long live the Emperor!” Princess Wencheng and Jiang General bowed to the Emperor sitting above.

“You may rise.” The Holy Emperor, who was sitting above them on the dragon chair, was feeling somewhat embarrassed. He looked at the face of his sister, Wencheng. He always felt that some of the following things could not be said.

“I and the Queen had the same dream every night.” The Emperor muttered to himself for a while before resolving himself to speak.

Princess Wencheng and Jiang general glanced at each other. What was the relationship between the dreams and them? The Emperor’s next words shocked them.

“One day the Sun fell from the East and descended into the Eastern Palace.” The Eastern was the residence of the Crown Prince.

(T/N: I didn’t know what it was so I put ‘somthing.’ I’ll leave it up to your imagination~ ;D)

Jiang general said: “Congratulations, Your Majesty! This is an auspicious sign.”

However, the Emperor’s next sentence frightened the Jiang couple: “A month had passed since the arrival of the Moon and it had stayed there.”

Princess Wencheng made coughing sounds in her mind. What did the Emperor mean? The Sun and Moon descending, this was indeed a lucky omen. The Crown Prince is the Sun. Who is the Moon in their Jiangfu?

After pondering for a while, the person who most qualified was Ah Zhen.

The Grand Princess was scared by her thoughts and got cold sweat. At this time, many people believed in Buddhism and thought highly of this sort of matter. If Ah Zhen was the one who brought this omen, then the engagement between her and the Crown Prince could no longer be canceled, and they could not do anything about it.

Translator’s Corner:

Do you guys think this omen is real? What shall happen to our MC?!

There will be another chapter today, so hang on tight!

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18 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 10”

  1. However, the Emperor’s next sentence frightened the Jiang couple: “A month had passed since the arrival of the Western Hills(?) and it had stayed in my Palace.”

    I feel this should be “A moon had passed towards the Western Hills and it had stayed there” since the next sentence is “The Sun and the Moon descending, who is the moon in their jiangfu”. Similarly the (something) in the sentence before should be the sun.

    Just my 2 cents, may make it less confusing


  2. Thanks for the update!

    Okay, those poetic description confuses me. Hahaha. I read it couple of times before I understood it.

    Oh yeah! ML is gonna make his move.


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    1. Same here, that analogy was pretty confusing for me when I was translating it. I’m sure I only made it more confusing during the process. >_<


  3. Hmm, just say that the crown prince already has a crown princess. Then he’s be like “what” Then say that he was sleeping with the low born daughter. They then now who is the “moon” and nothing would happen to the MC.

    I wanted to curse, and use inappropriate language, but I don’t know if that is okay, so I will say everything kindly as possible. That Low born daughter is **** and **** I can’t believe the *** what the MC will have to deal with. Like *** **** *** **
    (I was writing randomly, the *** is just there for imagination.


    1. Thanks for the info. I was not aware that this novel was on Qidian since I read it from a different site. I will stop translating this if needed.

      This site is not purely a translation site. I am also doing calligraphy and the donations I get are used for purchasing materials for it as I have mentioned on my Ko-Fi profile page.


        1. I have spoken to Qidian before (not about translating this novel tho), but based those few exchanges, I think they would ask me to take the chapters down instead of suing(which I would do).

          I do appreciate you bringing it up though! Who knows, maybe if they see how popular this type of novel is, they’ll start bring it to International Qidian. 🙂


  4. Considering how he treated second prince and seems blind to the stupidity of the CP, i’m starting to question this emperor’s sense. i’ll wait to see the next chapter before judgement.

    Thanks for the chap.


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