HAWRR Chapter 8


Chapter 8 – General’s Young Lady vs. Transmigrated Illegitimate Younger Sister (7)

At first, Gu Shengyin was also somewhat blushing. Even though not personally having experienced it, the people present knew what that sound meant.

However, soon Gu Shengyin’s face became pale. As she was listening, these two voices were unexpectedly familiar!

At this moment, she could not continue being shy and glanced in that direction. From this glance, Gu Shengyin became deathly pale at once. The woman with a half-opened skirt, revealed fragrant shoulders, and pink face full of spring (lust) was precisely her Shu mei, Jiang Yunshan. The man who leaned over her Shu mei while moving his lower body was exactly the person who she had an oral engagement with, Crown Prince Ji Ye!

(T/N: I almost put Ji Yu. Good thing I double checked with the name otherwise the ML would be cheating on the MC!! D;)

Ji Yu looked at Gu Shengyin who currently seemed to have received a huge blow from the scene in front. She looked distraught and on the verge of collapsing.

Uncontrollably, he felt overwhelming pity for her in his heart. At this moment, regardless of etiquette, he supported her by lending an arm: “Do you know these two people?”

Not knowing whether it was an illusion or not, however, Gu Shengyin only felt that there was a faint scent of lotus on her body. This season was not the time for lotuses to bloom.

When she heard this question from Ji Yu, Gu Shengyin shook her head slightly and just bit her lips.

Seeing this, Ji Yu did not ask anymore and gestured to the two maidservants behind him whose faces were filled with shock. They quietly withdrew and left.


The several people walked in silence. Ji Yu finally sent them to the back mountain’s exit.

At this time, Gu Shengyin’s expression had restored its calmness. She turned towards Ji Yu and gave her thanks: “Many thanks to Ju shi (Ju scholar).”

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(T/N: Made a mistake in the previous chapters and fixed them. I think that he took his mother’s maiden surname + his identity as a scholar = Ju shi. Or that’s just his known title. Well, anyway, she has been calling him this verbally only.)

Even though Ji Yu saw her calm face, her eyes were somewhat erratic. Knowing that she was somewhat absent-minded at this moment, they said a few before taking leave.

After returning to the bamboo house, Ji Yu shut the door and the expression on his face changed.

He was an excellent 5th rank government official(?) who usually wore an indifferent aloof-from-worldly-affairs expression.

People would say that he’s a mountain immortal who would have a picnic in the clouds while drinking wine. However, at this moment, that compassionate smile disappeared. The pair of warm moist eyes unexpectedly revealed a chilly and stern look.

“Go investigate who the woman that came today was. Additionally, check the woman who was having sexual relations with my second younger brother.” His voice was cold and hard without a trace of affection.

From a corner in the house came a low “Yes” that couldn’t be located. Afterwards, a breeze blew through and the bamboo became completely quiet.

Ji Yu poured himself a cup of tea and slowly sat down on the rattan chair.

He recalled that woman he met during the day.

In fact, as soon as Gu Shengyin came to the bamboo house, he discovered her and was attracted by her eyes.

They were not feigning its purity and innocence. Those eyes contained genuine curiosity for everything.

He watched her because she was amazed at seeing a weird plant. She was surprised by a small insect that suddenly flew out from the flowers and looked at it with interest. Of course, all of this was what Ji Yu saw from the expressions in her eyes. Gu Shengyin had never been pretending from beginning to end. She had always maintained the perfect appearance of a lady who came from a noble family.

It was this contrast that had interested Ji Yu. Of course, he did not know that this type of appearance, in another place in a distant world had a specific name for it called, contrast meng (moe gap).

His nature was cold since he was thrown into this place by his own father for more than a decade. He had already acquired an orderly waveless temper, and few people or things could enter his heart.

Gu Shengyin was one of them.

However, based on her reaction today, she seemed to have some sort of relation with his second younger brother. Ji Yu wrinkled his eyebrows.

Translator’s Corner:

Is this the legendary love at first sight?! Someone’s gonna have some bad luck soon because of a certain jealous person. *wink wink*

Translating this took longer than I thought.

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  1. (T/N: I almost put Ji Yu. Good thing I double checked with the name otherwise the ML would be cheating on the MC!! D;)
    Haha reading this make me laugh. I feel same when reading in raw


  2. I like this novel so far! Can’t wait for the faceslapping *cough* I mean, for the evil ones to fall and for justice to rise again!
    I need to read more chapters!!! Pretty please update soon, oh great translator-sama!


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