HAWRR Chapter 2

This is machine translated (MTL) so many little details will be lost and there will be inconsistencies as well. If you spot any inconsistencies in the translations, let me know in the comments below and I’ll try to sort it out!

Chapter 2 – General’s Young Lady vs. Transmigrated Illegitimate Younger Sister (1)

“Miss, the wind is big. Your body just recovered a bit, or allow this servant to bring you back to rest?” Qing Yi, the servant girl, with a sincere expression looked at the girl who gazed at the mandarin ducks in the pond.

The girl was also covered in a snow-white, embroidered silver coat on her body in the warm spring. Her body was wrapped tightly from top to bottom. She turned around at the time she heard the sound, revealing the red adornment underneath the overcoat due to the friction of the clothing. Following the downward motion, the embroidered blossom flower were in full bloom.

Gu Shengyin smiled. She was not here just to feel the wind, but to wait for the female to come “find fault”.

That’s right, at this moment, the “Miss” that Qing Yi called was Gu Shengyin who came to complete the first task.

Jiang Lingzhen’s, the original female, father was the Great General of the Tian Qi Dynasty. Her mother was the only sister of the Emperor, Wencheng Princess.

As the only daughter of the two, Langhua County Lord Jiang Lingzhen was not only very beautiful, she also had an honorable status. Additionally, when Jiang Lingzhen was a child, she was engaged to the Queen’s son, Second Prince. According to the development of the plot, the second prince would be established as Crown Prince, and Jiang Lingzhen would become the most distinguished woman in the future.

(T/N: Not too sure about her title….)

However, the Crown Prince fancied her cousin Jiang Yunshan. Jiang Yunshan was the offspring of a major disgrace. Her mother was a maidservant who served the general who quietly concealed her pregnancy until she gave birth. The general was furious when he found out about this matter. He killed Jiang Yunshan’s mother, but let the servants keep Jiang Yunshan in the residence, due to her innocence as a child, resulting in her embarrassing status as an illegitimate daughter.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, jiamintranslation.com.

The original Jiang Yunshan was timid, and after reaching the marriageable age, she married a small official and lived an ordinary life. However, the woman who crossed over could not be reconciled with that life, and deliberately hooked up with the Second Prince.

In the end, after the Crown Prince ascended the throne, he demolished the Jiang family’s influence, abolished the original female’s rank of Langhua County under the charges of immorality, sent an assassin to assassinate the General, and sent the whole Jiang family to the frontier with unreasonable charges. Even his paternal aunt, Wencheng Princess, was imprisoned in her residence who became depressed and finally died.

The original female bore unbearable indignity because of Jiang Yunshan’s constant humiliation.

Gu Shengyin, who was just informed of what happened to the world’s heroine, blanked out for a bit: Too much alike! This Jiang Lingzhen and “Gu Shengyin” both had the same distinguished status, the same encounter with a fickle person of status, and the same miserable end.

The system told her the answer: “I purposely chose this world. I remembered your experience as Gu Shengyin, so I chose this as the first world with a relatively familiar scene. It should be easier to complete the task.”

All in all, Gu Shengyin was sitting there waiting for Jiang Yunshan’s “hook.”

Jiang Lingzhen was at the temple fair three days ago, when she accidentally hit her head and fell in a coma, later waking up as Gu Shengyin.

At that time, there were a large number of people at the temple, and no one knew how Jiang Lingzhen fell. Although the Princess (I assume it’s the mother) was angry, the female, who crossed over and replaced Jiang Yunshan, ran over to show “sisterly love.”

Knowing that the culprit behind Jiang Lingzhen’s fall is Jiang Yunshan, Gu Sheng decided that this “good intention” must be nicely returned.

Translator’s Corner:

MTL is hard in its own way I guess. I don’t even know who is who sometimes. Feel free to ask questions if you’re confused, though I might not have a definite answer related to the story. 😉

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14 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 2”

  1. Im a bit confused I thought this was going to be about the cannon fodders? isnt this about helping them? but the system says the heroine…


    1. This novel is about the MC going to different worlds helping the heroine get revenge and fight against antagonists that were supposed to be cannon fodder in the story but a transmigration occurred like this first arc, and a antagonist that was reborn and caused the death of the heroine. There may be other types, but I don’t remember.

      Sorry for the confusion as this is a MTL’d novel.


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